The Inconvenient Truth of the Racist Democratic Party

 There are a lot of misconceptions about the roles each of our two major political parties have played throughout history and continue to play today. I will go through the history of each party, from their conceptions to their current state. You will see that neither party has really changed. Only their perceptions have, all due to the part of the Democratic lies.

The Democrat Party was founded by Andrew Jackson, as a pro slave and anti Native American Party. Their agenda was clear: White Supremacy.


The Republican Party was founded in 1854 in Wisconsin by former members of the Whig Party. They had only one goal in mind: to abolish Slavery.

They newly formed Republican Party quickly gained support from the public. By 1856, they had selected their first presidential candidate, John C. Fremont.

In 1857, the Dred Scott V Sanford case was brought before the Supreme Court. The Court ruled that slaves were not citizens. They were property. All seven of the justices that voted in favor of slavery were Democrats. The two that voted against slavery were Republican. The slavery issue was resolved only because of the Civil War that began with the succession of the Democratic southern states.

By 1860, the Democratic south threatened succession from the Republican North if Abraham Lincoln became



Lincoln went on to win the election in November of 1860. Only six weeks went by before South Carolina announced their plan to succeed from the Union. Six weeks later, five more Democratic states joined.

In April of 1861, the Civil War officially began. This war is the deadliest war in US history. Over 1,000,000 Americans died in this war. Of the 1,000,000+ deaths, 50,000 were free civilians, 80,000 were enslaved non combatants. 360,000 Republican soldiers died freeing the slaves. 258,000 Democratic soldiers died trying to keep African Americans as slaves. 

The Democratic Confederates eventually surrendered. 6 days later, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by the Democrat actor, John Wilkes Booth. Like today, Democrats ruled the acting industry. There was no Hollywood yet but the predecessor to Hollywood was a thriving industry, run by Democrats.

In 2018, the Democratic run acting industry is known for making threats against our Republican president. In 1865, it was no different. The ideology and policies of the Democratic Party are very dangerous and have always been. 

On May 13, 1865, the Civil War officially ended. 

 Lincoln’s Vice President, Andrew Johnson, was a Democrat. He was unified by all Democrats in office when they opposed the 13th Amendment, (Abolished 

Slavery), 14th Amendment, (Gave Blacks Citizenship) and 15th Amendment, (Gave Blacks the right to vote). These 3 Amendments to our Constitution only were passed because of the overwhelming support from the Republicans. 

During Reconstruction, US soldiers stationed in the South helped secure the rights for the newly freed slaves. Hundreds of black men were elected into government positions and 22 served in the US Congress over the next 35 years. All were elected as Republican.

After the federal troops left the south, the Democratic South immediately began their resurgence of power by creating oppressive laws like Black Codes, restricting the ability of owning property and businesses, creating literacy tests and poll taxes in order to suppress the black vote. They achieved these newly passed laws by implementing a new organization known as the Ku Klux Klan, founded by Nathan Bedford Forrest. Democratic politicians and policemen made threats and terrorized on blacks and whites who opposed, very similar to how they continue to pass laws today. They hid their faces with white masks and hoods while doing this. Also, very similar to how they do it today with the Democratic founded organizations, such as Anti-Fa.

A few decades later, we entered a new age in the fight for freedom and equality. Democrats opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. over 4/5 of the Republicans supported it. Democratic senators filibustered the bill for 75 days before Republicans were able to gain enough support to break through the Democratic stronghold. 

After 100 years of Democrats fighting Republicans in an effort to keep blacks enslaved and prevent them from voting failed, they came up with a new strategy: If blacks are going to vote, we’ll make them vote Democrat. Democrat President, Lyndon B. Johnson, famously said: “I’ll have them N****rs voting Democrat for the next 200 years”.


Now the Democratic Party prospers off the backs of the very people they’ve publicly oppressed for almost 200 years. Democrats falsely claim that Republicans are the villains but in reality, it’s the purposely failed policies of the Democratic Party that continues to keep the black community down. They ruined the black family with their welfare state policies. No choice in schools keeping, them trapped in failed schools.

Democrats claim the parties flipped at some point. They point to the Civil Rights Act as the time period when this took place. The truth is, only one Democrat from that era flipped. The rest continued in the Democratic Party or were voted out of office and replaced with other Democrats. All Democratic presidents after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, until Barack Obama, were Southern Democrats. 

Democrats claim that Republicans are the party of racism and racism is bred in the south. The truth is, Republicans did not hold a majority of southern congress seats until 1994, 30 years after the Civil Rights Act was passed. If modern Republicans were truly racist, why would they wait 30 years to ditch the Democratic Party? 

Here is what really happened: 

The values of the south have changed. Southerners are no longer interested in having slaves and oppressing blacks. Southerners are more interested in small government, guns, religion and share pro life values. These values are instilled in the Republican Party. The Democratic Party continues to hold the same values they’ve always held. Oppression and control over every aspect of a person’s life through terror and slander.

Today, a southern white person is more likely to vote for a black conservative than a white liberal. Ben Carson led a portion of the Republican primary in 2016 and finished 3rd overall in popularity, behind Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

 Republican South Carolina Senator, Tim Scott, remains very popular by the white majority voters. Conservatives don’t look at race when voting. They look to the values held by that person. The Democratic Party can not exist with identity politics. They were founded on and continue to thrive on race.

 To summarize, here is a list of what the Democratic Party was founded on:

1) Defended Slavery

2) Started the Civil War

3) Opposed Reconstruction

4) Founded the Ku Klux Klan

5) Imposed Segregation

6) Perpetrated Lynchings

7) Fought Civil Rights

Here is a list of what the Republican Party was founded on:

1) Freeing Slaves and fighting racists by ensuring equality for all with emancipation and integration.

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