Biden Agrees Trump is an “Illegitimate President”


A woman with a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome is one thing but a former vice president who calls our current president an “illegitimate president” is way off base. Does Joe Biden REALLY want to go there?

This all started at a Biden event in Nashua, New Hampshire when a woman claimed she has Trump Derangement Syndrome and went on to rant against President Trump. She claimed Trump won with the help of Russian President Vladimir Putin. She’s obviously been watching CNN 24/7 to believe any of the claims she’s making.

This is why the fake news media is so dangerous. The woman claims that our country is run by Putin and thinks if President Trump wins again, it will be because of Putin. She’s “terrified” of four more years of President Trump?

“I don’t want to live in a country run by Vladimir Putin. I don’t think anybody in the country should want that. He is an illegitimate president in my mind. And my biggest fear is that he’s going to do it again with the help of Vlad, his best pal, and we’re going to be stuck with four more years of him. And that is terrifying. It’s terrifying.”

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