Trump Employees Carry Guns Amid Violent Assaults From Leftist Protesters


Staff at Donald Trump’s real estate company are taking guns to work for their own protection because they are being physically attacked during their commute.

Employees of The Trump Organization are so scared for their safety that being armed is the only way they feel safe, a longtime top executive claims in his new book, The Real Deal: My Decade Fighting Battles and Winning Wars with Trump by George A. Sorial who has been an executive with the Trump Organization since 2006.

Sorial writes that after hearing that his colleagues were being spat on by neverTrumpers he began taking his ‘trusted Glock’ with him when he leaves the house.

In his book Sorial reveals that Trump haters have tried to shut down the Trump Organization by making fake bookings at its hotels and then canceling them.

They even attacked the one-year-old son of a Trump Organization worker and called him a ‘b*****d’ online.

The claims show the extent of the divide between Trump and his critics who recently shoved an elderly supporter of the President to the floor in London during his state visit to the UK.

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Image credit: Inmam

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