ICE Raid Likely Postponed Due to Suspected Leaks by DHS Secretary


Kevin McAleenan is being called out by current and former Trump administration officials for possibly leaking plans of sweeping ICE raids to the Washington Post.

Over the weekend, sources told news outlets that the acting Department of Homeland Security secretary was against the operation, which would have picked up around 2,000 illegal migrants who have been processed for deportation.

The plan was reportedly in the works for months, but two weeks ago McAleenan apparently ordered new acting ICE Chief Mark Morgan to stand down and not move forward with the mission until President Trump himself ordered Morgan to proceed with the mass arrests. According to Fox News, sources claim McAleenan was opposed to the idea from the start and wanted to make sure the plan did not go forward.

“They came into our country illegally and we’re taking them out legally, we’re bringing them back to their country,” stated President Trump. “A lot of things are changing, but, again, if Congress gave us something quickly on asylum, something quickly on loopholes, where we get rid of the loopholes, the border would be so beautiful.”

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