Protesters Arrested For Burning US Flag in Front of White House


Two protesters were arrested and a pair of U.S. Secret Service officers received minor injuries in front of the White House on the Fourth of July after an American flag was set on fire ahead of President Trump’s “Salute to America” celebration, the agency says.The two were allegedly arrested for “burning an American flag outside the limits of a permit that had been issued by the National Park Service.”

The Secret Service told The Hill that one person was arrested for felony assault on a police officer and for malicious burning, and the other was arrested for obstructing a police investigation and resisting arrest. One person was transported to a hospital for minor injuries, and two Secret Service officers were also transported to a local hospital for treatment. 

USA Today reported that a group calling themselves the Revolutionary Communist Party burned the flag and posted video showing protesters pushing and shoving each other after the flames died down.

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