Obama/HRC Bundler May Face Additional Charges in Child Rape Case

A fundraiser and bundler for the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigns, was arrested for allegedly having sex with a 15 year old minor. Terry Bean, a prominent Portland real estate developer and civil-rights pioneer, is being tried for sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy in 2013, when Bean was visiting Eugene, Oregon for a college football game.

The case was originally brought to trial in 2015. During the trial, Bean had offered to pay the young man $220,000 in a “civil compromise,” where the defendant compensates the victim in exchange for dropping all criminal charges. However, the judge presiding over the case refused to allow it. The trial was ended when the victim went AWOL and did not show up to testify.

The Lane County District Attorney’s office has reopened the case and re-charged Bean after the accuser changed his mind about testifying and has agreed to cooperate with the prosecution again. The young man had the change of heart when he learned that the attorney, Lori Deveny, whom he had hired to represent him in negotiations with Bean had allegedly pocketed most of the settlement money Bean had agreed to pay. Deveny was forced to resign or face disbarment after 26 former clients accused her of stealing nearly $2 million dollars from them.

The victim in the original case now alleges that

After meeting with Bean and his attorney, Derek Ashton, the prosecutor in the case presented new information to the judge suggesting that in the decision to make the $220,000 payment to the victim, Bean and his attorneys may have been involved criminal behavior. A civil suit the alleged victim filed earlier in the year stated that Deveny (the original prosecuting attorney) had negotiated with Ashton, the defense attorney, that was meant to prevent the victim from testifying in the trial.

The trial is scheduled to commence in November.

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