Antifa Extemist Killed After Fire Bombing Migrant Detention Center


An ANTIFA-affiliated terrorist was killed on Saturday morning during an attack on a migrant detention center in Washington state, and his comrades are hailing him as a martyr for their anti-American leftist cause as a result of his failed rampage.

A man identified as Willem Van Spronsen, 69, was killed after tossing incendiary devices toward a migrant detention facility in Tacoma, WA where he tried to blow up a propane tank. Law enforcement opened fire and killed him before he could do any damage.

Tacoma police claim he conducted his assault armed with a rifle and several flares. They showed up on the scene at 4 a.m. on Saturday morning after an employee spotted an armed man outside of the building and quickly opened deadly fire on Van Spronsen, preventing him from causing any real harm.

The terrorist attack happened just hours after a rally took place outside of the same detention facility where leftist activists urged for the detention center to be shut down. The media and Democratic politicians have demonized border security and federal officials for months now, and their partisan hate-mongering against the rule of law almost created a deadly scene.

Tweet About Incident from Andy Ngo

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