Mon. May 17th, 2021

Virginia Roberts Calls on Prince Andrew to “Come Clean” at Epstein Hearings

Virginia Roberts said Prince Andrew knew ‘exactly what he has done’ and urged him to ‘come clean’ on Tuesday after speaking at a hearing with other Jeffrey Epstein victims. 

Her message to the Duke of York comes after repeated statements from Buckingham Palace that he is ‘appalled’ by the allegations against Epstein and has done nothing wrong. 

Roberts famously claimed in a 2015 lawsuit that she had sex with Andrew when she was 17 in London. She claimed Epstein kept her as his sex slave and robbed her of her childhoods. 

Andrew has always denied her allegations. 

On Tuesday, Roberts spoke with dozens of other women who had been invited to court by Judge Richard Berman who had been handling Epstein’s criminal human trafficking case which, in light of his suicide earlier this month, will now draw to a close. 

After the hearing, she said it was important for authorities to push on with their investigation into Epstein’s network. 

‘It’s not how Jeffrey died but it’s how he lived but we need to get to the bottom of everybody who was involved in that, starting with Ghislaine Maxwell and going along the lines there.

‘I was recruited at a very young age from Mar-a-Lago and entrapped in a world that I didn’t understand. I’ve been fighting that world to this day. I will never stop fighting, I will never be silenced until these people are brought to justice,’ she said. 

As she stepped away from the podium, she was asked about Andrew. After hesitating for a moment, she said: ‘He knows what he has done and he can attest to that. He knows exactly what he’s done, and I hope he comes clean about it.’ 

The victims have asked that the investigation into his crimes carry on so that anyone who facilitated them who is still alive may be brought to justice. Many of the victims still plan to sue the late pedophile’s $577million estate. Tuesday’s hearing was the first time many had told their stories. In their statements, they slammed Epstein as a ‘coward’ and said he ‘robbed’ them of their innocence. 

Some were speaking out for the first time, including Chauntae Davies, who worked as an air hostess on his private plane, dubbed ‘the Lolita express’. Davies, who agreed to be named, said she, like dozens of others, was also paid by Epstein to perform erotic massages when her raped he the third or fourth time they met on his private Caribbean island.  

Another woman, who remained anonymous, said she was 15 when Epstein flew her to a ranch where she was sexually molested for many hours while he kept insisting he was helping her to grow. 

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