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Congress Begins Investigation Into The Jeffrey Epstein Cover-up By ABC

Megyn Kelly announced in a video she released on Instagram that she has received a copy of a letter from congressional leaders to heads at ABC news, requesting more information on the cover up of the Jeffrey Epstein story.

The letter, which was signed by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Mike McCall and Rep. Doug Collins, accuses ABC news of enabling Jeffrey Epstein and allowing the trafficking of minors for the three years that they have held the story.

Although it is unclear whether anyone thought to alert authorities…it is clear that ABC News’ enabling of Mr. Epstein has consequences: fewer victims willing to come forward.

ABC News’ enabling of Mr. Epstein [raises]…the possibility that any number of minors could have been spared from human trafficking over the past three years.

McCarthy goes on to request that ABC provide the Robach interview with Epstein’s victim, explain what facts led to decision not to run the story, who was involved in making the decision and whether ABC alerted the authorities about the allegations against Epstein.

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