Pelosi Sets Date for Vote on Sending Impeachment Articles to Senate


After claiming that President Trump is a mortal threat to the nation, then withholding the articles of impeachment over the holidays, Nancy Pelosi has finally set a date for the House to vote on sending them to the Senate.

From the New York Post:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Democratic caucus members in a closed-door meeting on Tuesday that the body will vote on sending the articles of impeachment against President Trump to the Senate on Wednesday.

Pelosi also said that the House would take up a resolution to appoint impeachment managers who would present the House’s case against the president during a Senate trial, Rep. Carolyn Maloney confirmed to the Post.

The Manhattan Democrat described the atmosphere in the meeting room as “intense and purposeful,” adding that Democrats are in “absolute unity.”

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, speaking to reporters after the caucus meeting, said impeachment managers who will present the House’s case against Trump in the Senate will be named “between this moment we are in now and the articles being debated on the floor.”

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