Ohio Proposes Bill to Ban Transgender Athletes from Competing with Girls


There a huge controversy brewing in the realm of transgenderism and sports. Is it fair for biological males who transition to compete with biological females? The issue has affected many young women and girls in their chosen sports, even preventing some from getting scholarships to compete on college teams. The state of Ohio is now proposing a bill that would address he issue of transgender athletes in girls sports.

Breitbart reports:

State Rep. Jena Powell’s Save Women’s Sports Act would mandate that the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) block transgender male students from competing in girls sports.

“Women’s rights in the field of athletics are being trampled upon when we allow high school and college biological males to compete against biological women and girls,” Powell and co-sponsor state Rep. Reggie Stoltzfus, said in a joint statement. “If we want to preserve women’s rights, and the integrity of women’s sports, we must pass the Save Women’s Sports Act.”

The Dayton Daily News reported on the evolution of high school sports in the state:

The OHSAA adopted a transgender policy in December 2018 that allows athletes to participate on teams that match their gender identity. The policy requires athletes and their families to make a request to the school administration, which in turn gives notice to the state athletic association. The OHSAA executive director then takes action on the request.

The policy allows girls transitioning to boys to participate in boys sports. Boys transitioning to girls must have completed at least a year of hormone treatment or demonstrate to the OHSAA that they don’t have a physical advantage over genetic female athletes in the same age group.

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