Trump Economy Results in Lowered Carbon Dioxide Emissions


More winning for the Trump administration was announced last month as U.S. carbon dioxide emissions continued to decline.

According to the Washington Times:

Under President Trump, the United States led the world in reducing carbon-dioxide emissions in 2019, but don’t expect Greta Thunberg to give him a hug any time soon.

International Energy Agency data released earlier this month showing that U.S. emissions dropped by 2.9% last year failed to make an impression with Democrats, environmentalists and climate activists, who either shrugged off the data or argued that Mr. Trump’s climate-denialism was somehow thwarted.

U.S. carbon emissions declined last year in spite of every effort by the Trump administration to prop up dirty energy,”

said David Doniger, senior strategic director of the Climate & Clean Energy Program at the National Resources Defense Council, in an email.

Such responses drew an eye-roll from Republicans.

Have they given the President credit for anything since taking office? It’s not surprising.

said Austin Hacker, spokesman for the Republicans on the House Natural Resource Committee.

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