Arrest of Gen. Flynn Was to Prevent His Upcoming Audit Of John Brennan and CIA


The ongoing saga of General Michael Flynn should have ended a long time ago. Between the illegal FISA warrants, the holding back of exculpatory evidence, and the impossibility of this patriot and hero having done anything wrong, it’s been a travesty of justice from the beginning. Now, General Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell has revealed a potential motive for Flynn having been a target of the deep state DOJ.

Powell appeared on a radio show, The Vicki McKenna Show on 1310 WIBA Madison, where she said that Flynn

threatened to expose wrongdoing by top intelligence officials in the Obama administration.

In other words, Flynn, was likely set up because he was preparing to audit John Brennan and the intelligence community as part of his role as national security advisor to President Donald Trump.

He was going to audit the intel agencies because he knew about the billions Brennan and company were running off books,

Powell said.

Even as Powell works to have her client’s guilty plea withdrawn and his case dismissed, the DOJ has asked the court for another three weeks to review the volumes of documents submitted by Flynn’s previous legal representatives.

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