NC Pro-Life Counselor Arrested Outside Abortion Clinic For Violating Stay-at-Home Order

Pro-life ‘sidewalk councelor’ David Benham and his group were arrested on Saturday outside a North Carolina abortion clinic, for breaking the Governor’s ‘social distancing’ mandate. Benham’s not-for-profit organization, Cities For Life, provides medical services and other support to women who choose to follow through with their pregnancy. As such it is considered an essential service and should be exempt from having to limit it’s services.

According to the Daily Wire, Benham received a phone call from a staff councelor who was at an abortion clinic. When Benham arrived ‘he saw his group surrounded by about fifteen individual police officers.’

The law enforcement officers told Benham that, “there’s more than ten people here,” and advised him that if the group did not disperse, they would be arrested.

“We do care about the health crisis,” Benham told the Daily Wire. “We did practice social distancing.” He added that his group chalked the sidewalk so that they could remain ten feet apart from one another, and had plenty of hand sanitizer available.

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