More Than 730 Detroit Hospital Workers Test Positive for Covid-19


A Detroit area hospital system has been overrun with coronavirus patients. Not from the community, but from among it’s own staff. According to Dr. Adnan Munkarah, chief clinical officer of the Henry Ford Hospital Campus, over 700 workers in the hospital system have tested positive for the coronavirus known as Covid-19.

About 2500 hospital employees have received tests so far. The figure represents a little over 2 percent of the system’s 31,600 employees. More workers are likely to be infected with the virus, but have yet to be tested.

An unconfirmed account of 1500 hospital workers at another Detroit hospital system has also been reported.

In comments to reports, Munkarah said:

If we are to test the whole population, you are going to see large numbers of people who are testing positive.

Testing positive is just a measure of how contagious this virus is.

Our team members are our greatest asset and their health and safety is a top priority as we continue to respond to this pandemic,

Hospital staff have declined to say whether any staff members have died of the infection and if show how many.

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