Obama’s Half-Brother Announces His Endorsement for 2020 President


There’s no love lost between Barack Obama and his half-brother Malik. You would think that the brothers would at least have politics in common. But, clearly, they don’t. Just has he did in 2016, Malik Obama has endorsed Donald J. Trump for president in 2020.

The elder half-brother made his announcement the day after Obama endorsed his VP, Joe Biden as democrat nominee for the presidency. Malik Obama tweeted his endorsement on Wednesday.

He stated it again in a tweet which implied that he agreed with President Trump on his actions to defund the World Health Organization.

Back in June of 2019, he had made a more cryptic endorsement of the president when he posted a picture of a $20 bill with “Trump” written on it. Two arrows, pointed to the 20’s in each corner of the back of the bill, the only message in the tweet read “2020.”

It was unclear what Trump’s response to Malik Obama’s repeat endorsement will be. We will just have to wait and see.