Trump Administration Extends Ban on Immigration, Adds H-1B/H-2B Visas


The Trump administration announced on Monday that it will be extending a ban on green cards issued to foreign workers until the end of 2020. The move imposes a ban on H-1B visas for high-skilled workers typically used by high tech and multinational companies to acquire skilled labor. H-2B visas, which are used predominantly by seasonal workers, will also be put on hold. H4, J and L visas are also included with some minor exemptions to the ban.

The move is seen as a way to open up jobs to U.S. citizens who have lost their employment due to the coronavirus pandemic. A senior official estimated the extended cutback on visas would make as many as 525,000 jobs available to Americans. The anonymous official described the strategy as an “Americans First” economic recovery plan.

Analysts predict that the extension of the immigration ban will cause a drop in legal immigration into the U.S. by as much as two thirds of that seen in a typical year, from about 1 million, to 300,000.

Democrats are already asking for exemptions for some of their pet projects, including exemptions for foreign nannies, and access to work visas for H-1B recipients.

As expected, the lying media also twists the truth, making it sound as if this ban is a permanent one, rather than publishing the facts.

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