Conservatives Threatened and Assaulted While Leaving RNC Convention


The end of a beautiful four days full of hope and inspiration did not end so beautifully for several prominent conservatives who attended the president’s acceptance speech on the White House lawn Thursday evening. As they exited to leave, a several reported being surrounded, harrassed, threatened and even assaulted by BLM supporters who showed up in DC to protest the president’s successful tenure at the helm of our nation.

Senator Rand Paul, who has already endured multiple attacks by lunatic fringe leftists, including his neighbor and the crazed man who went on a shooting spree while republicans played baseball, was accosted by the angry mob while leaving the event with his wife.

Video of Sen Rand Paul and Wife Being Escorted to Safety

The couple required a police escort in order to make their way through the protesters, who followed them along while making jeering and chanting. At on point, a protester pushed one of the DC police officers helping the Senator, causing the cop to fall into Paul. Small scuffles broke out between police and rioters as the couple were finally escorted to the safety of their hotel.

Similarly, Dan Bongino, former secret service under Obama and well known podcast host, reported being verbally attacked and surrounded by the mob of protesters.

Bongino described being inside the White House grounds at the acceptance speech while outside, the rage mob played drums, yelled through bull horns, air horns, rage music and created mayhem in an effort to disrupt the peacefully assembled republicans gathered inside.

On his Friday podcast, Bongino described the event,

There was a tension I could feel growing amongst the crowd as the night wore on and we closed in on 11 o’clock, because the sounds outside got louder.

As he and Paula walked out of the safety of the lawn and onto 17th street, the mob was all waiting for them to exit. Bongino reported that the mob called his Columbian immigrant wife, ‘my bitch ass wife’ and threatened to rape her and assault him. They were also called racists for being at the event and supporting President Trump.

One called to Mr. Bongino and said,

Hey you in the white dress…hoe learn to walk in high heels.

The couple were followed for several blocks. As they turned the corner, near St. John’s Church, they met several other attendees of the festivities who were members of border patrol.

They also found two small Asian women who were at the event walking alone, and they took them into the fold in order to protect them from the screaming rioters.

From a group of approximately 300 rioters, a small faction of about 25 broke off and decided to focus on Bongino and his newly-formed entourage.

While Bongino was angered by the verbal assaults he stated,

I am not a violent man. I never will be. There’s no excuse for pre-emptive violence…not in a civilized country.

Screen shot of Dan Bongino and Wife Paula at the White House

Yet another group of well-known patriots also reported being accosted by the mob and even physically assaulted. Brandon Straka, Mike Harlow and Libby Albert, all members of the #Walkaway campaign, had been invited to the festivities at the White House. Harlow and Albert, were featured in a campaign ad which showed short clips of former democrats who are now Trump-supporters.

Straka, who founded the #Walkaway Campaign, posted video of the assault on Twitter.
YouTube Video of a Portion of the Assault Against Straka

Straka and Harlow, both of whom are white gay men, were called ‘f*ggot’ by the women who attacked them. Both men tried reasoning with the BLM shirt-wearing women, telling them to look up the facts. They were called racists because they support President Trump.

One of the women threw a drink at Straka and then her empty cup. Albert, who was filming the encounter, was slapped on the arm by one of the women, causing her cell phone to be knocked out of her hands.

It is clear that the protesters were there to harass and intimidate those who support the president. Hitler, too used violent gangs, street thugs, and zealots called the “Sturmabteilung”, which translates to ‘assault division’, to harass, intimidate and assault his political opposition. The Democratic Party is now employing the very same tactics.

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