It’s Time To Flip The Script On The Left

Guest Commentary by The Sargent

One only needed to spend a short time on social media to see the latest evidence of the advance in the left-wing agenda. Biden is called the winner of the 2020 election by the media, and he is crowned President Elect. He’ congratulated by heads of state, RINO’s call on Trump supporters to ‘accept the results of the election.” Biden begins his reign by holding press conferences calling for ‘unity’, names a Coronavirus Task Force, calls for more lockdowns. Yet, we know, the media do not call elections, and there are multiple lawsuits in place, recounts called by Georgia, with Minnesota and Wisconsin likely to follow. Yet, the perception is that the left is winning in the game of optics. Why does this always happen? Why does the left always seem to ‘win’, even when they cheat?

The left seems to be winning this battle while those of us on the right largely, stand by and watch our country crumble. Why? Why is there no force to fight this evil? The answer to this can be summed up in one word. Unity. Biden called for it…but the left already has it. They decide on a strategy and the entire party and their media apparatus all fall in line.

Whether you call yourself a conservative, a Republican, a libertarian or anything else that leans towards the right, we share a single inherent trait, individualism. Most of us like to do things of our own volition. We like to own our own things we like to have our own set of activities and some might even call us antisocial in many ways. We would be the first people to adhere to the adage, “if you want something done right, do it yourself.”

The left, however, lives by an entirely different standard in everything that they do. They live by “ groupthink.“ leftists will often live in communes, have a large number of people living in one house, organize for protests and riots, etc. For us nothing could be more abhorrent. 

Then, consider the difference in the general mindset that is applied toward moving a political agenda. We on the right have lives. We don’t think of everything in political terms. That being the case, we go vote, we might call our elected representative for a specific agenda item and then we go to work or we go fishing. The left on the other, moves a political agenda with the bearing and skill of an army at war. In fact, politics is war to the leftist. Moving their agenda is a full-time job. They never stop thinking about it. They never stop talking about it. They never stop acting on their agenda.

Even in their disparate groups, they are joined together as one. They have a single-minded focus not only to defeat but to eliminate anyone who does not think as they think, speak as they speak, and act as they act. Then they live by the credo, “by any means necessary.“ This combination cannot be defeated by a group of individuals. As much as we may want to deny it, with regard to moving a political agenda, they have the right idea.

The left has adopted The playbook of political theorist Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals. If you read through his book you can see his plan coming to life before our very eyes. The truth is, it has been in play since the 1960s. But today, you can is it is in full swing. 

Every leftist views his or herself as an activist. They take hold of one single part of the tactics that are outlined in their playbook knowing that they are one small piece of a larger movement that will take them closer to there utopian vision. How often have we made the comment that the left is not capable of critical thought? Maybe they are, however, critical thought would get in the way of the agenda. Thinking outside of the box would steer them away from the end goal of complete world domination and control of every individual on the planet. 

Their thought leaders are well versed in the works of Cloward-Piven, Saul Alinsky, Karl Marx, Lenin and Mao. Their ideology permeates our schools and universities, News and entertainment media, corporations, sports and political bodies. The rank and file accept their marching orders and never deviate. They are an Army to be reckoned with. And it has worked, time and time again.

So how do we combat such a fierce and organized force? One word, “unity.“
The first thing that we must understand is that this is not politics.

We are at war.

Many conservatives have been in the military and understand that there are no individuals in war. There is the objective and the plan to reach the objective which consists of many smaller objectives. There is no room for individual thoughts or actions. The plan comes from above and each individual is part of a group that moves toward the objective. Sound familiar? 

But before we can move on even a single agenda item, we must unify. There is strength in numbers. Unions know this, armies know this and the left knows this.

We are living in an unprecedented time.

We are facing the enemy within.

We rally around our flag and our Constitution but we are not unified under a single plan. We have many preachers of conservatism but few evangelists. We have those who teach our values and win some converts but we don’t have the kind of forceful, in your face, listen to me leftist kind of movement that is the left.

In order to defeat this enemy, we must meet them on their terms and fight by the same rules if engagement. We attack them on their social media pages with truth not argument, we meet them in the streets, we attend PTA meetings and demand that our kids are taught civics and constitutional government as well as accurate history or we take our kids out, then we demand from our legislators that we be reimbursed for the school taxes that we are no longer using. We go as groups.

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Most importantly, we have to be unified at a national level so that we all act in unison. We join action groups and become active and we join various groups together under one banner. Instead of being groups of dozens and hundreds we become one groups of millions. This is how we move the mountain ahead of us. 

If your house were on fire, what would you do to save your family and your home? Would you take care of it when you finish the lawn? Would you make that boat trip then call the fire department? Would you finish with your days work before taking action? What would be your degree of urgency if your house were on fire right now?

Because, your country is on fire right now!

How serious are you about saving your country, your family and your fellow Americans? It’s time to put aside your individual desires and activities for a time and stand together to eliminate this evil. There will be time for living our lives after we save the Republic. join in the fight of our lives. Mine is not a perfect plan but it is effective. If we can get the people together we can confront the mob and turn this tide in our favor.

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