For months I have been quite suspicious of the Democrat Party in the way they were campaigning, or rather the way they were not campaigning.
Their Presidential candidate was obviously someone incapable of leading a neighborhood watch, let alone act as leader of the free world. Given that President Trump was filling venues with tens of thousands of voters, the democrats didn’t seem in the least bit worried about the optics of a handful of supporters coming to see Biden, or whether he came out to campaign at all, or just “called a lid” for the day. They knew their fix would be in during the election itself.

A Typical Airport Trump Rally -vs- Typical Biden Event

It should be obvious the Democrat Party, in their collective mind had ideas other than a free and fair election. Many people believe Democrats have systems of voter fraud perfected. Many examples of this continue to be uncovered. The volume of fraud and the number of ways the Democrats perpetrated this is unprecedented in US elections. It is quite obvious that this has been in the planning for many years.

Stats for the Heritage Foundation Election Fraud Database

The overall multi-pronged plan was for the Democrats to steal the election, their media partners to push the results upon the American public and Big Tech to completely censor all proof of the fraud and any dissenting voices.

The Mainstream Media has been in on the fraud from the beginning. They have long been in bed with the Democrat Party and have played a huge role in the Democrat’s plans, pushing the narratives of lies and deceit for four years.

It has been said that we have not had control of our elections for many decades. Not only is President Trump going to be establishing Nationwide voting procedures but he is putting the country back into the hands of its rightful owners, We the People.

All of the MSM is denying the existence of any fraud and has gone so far as to call Joe Biden the presumptive nominee, backing up President Trumps constant ‘Fake News’ narrative. Even Fox News, long considered a right leaning network, on the evening of the election waited inexplicably to call TX and FL for Trump when it was obvious to everyone they were won by Trump. At the same time, they called Arizona extremely early for Biden.

Furthermore, since the election Fox has refused to acknowledge the growing accounts of voter fraud, with only their evening hosts able to mention it. Their viewership has taken a huge hit over this.

Democrats love to foreshadow their plans. For instance Joe Biden said he didn’t need your votes he just needed his people after he won. That’s an odd thing for even gaffe-prone Biden to say. It sure sounds like he knew what he was talking about…a rigged election guaranteed him a win. The support from his base was needed to uphold the fake news narrative that he’s actually the President-Elect.

In another gaffe, or maybe the accidental telling of the truth, Joe Biden claimed they have built the most extensive and conclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. Was this a gaffe, or an intentional slip? Either way, it turns out to be one of the few times they’re not lying.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recently said “Joe Biden will be President no matter what the final vote tally is.” These statements, among other signals from prominent Democrats must mean something…. they may be corrupt as hell, but they’re not stupid. The rest of the Speakers words in this clip show how divisive their constant lies are to the country.

We need to take them at their word. For months now they have been pushing to have mail-in voting be used nation wide. One of the pork items in the Democrat House $3 Trillion stimulus bill was funding for this national unrequested mail-in voting scheme, which has created precisely what Trump warned about and I believe what the Democrats wanted; post-election chaos.

Bottom line, their over-confidence was obvious to anyone paying attention and it should have caused warning bells to ring in every American’s head. Even the rank and file American Democrat citizen, that truly has no idea what they voted for by blindly voting for their party should have been suspicious. But, maybe we cannot hold these citizens fully responsible for their ignorance. Every major media outlet mirrored whatever DNC talking point had been issued for that news cycle. With the censorship by Big Tech, most people only received the message that the DNC wanted them to have. All lies, all the time. Set the narrative; change the world without anyone knowing.

The same media mouth pieces are now vehemently denying any voter fraud exists at all. They are going all out to back the Deep State’s attempt to put Joe Biden and other leftist puppets into power. They’re going to tremendous lengths, and lying with amazingly straight faces, to convince us that this election lacks any evidence whatsoever of voter fraud. Unfortunately many people believe them… but any open-minded person that looks at the facts can see the multitude of unusual events that took place and the fraud being perpetrated on the American public.

Now, days after the election it should be quite clear that Democrats were always planning to steal the election. They know the American people would never vote for their far left communist agenda so they lied to the American people and the media backed them up. At the same time Big Tech is censoring millions of people as they attempt to expose the fraud on social media.

There are two platforms however that are now screaming to the top of the charts because they value free speech from either side. You can get the truth there. People are treated like adults and, lo and behold, most of them act like it! Parler, a platform similar to Twitter and Rumble, a competitor to YouTube are making waves and beating out other social apps as the most popular downloaded apps. It is very important that Americans have the ability to speak their mind as well as see reports from various independent news services, such as The Washington Pundit.

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