Trump Supporters Suggest He Start a New Political Party


Juanita Broaddrick is not the first person to suggest that Donald Trump form his own party. But, she sums up most people’s reason in a single tweet.

The Republican Party does not deserve him.

If you do a search on Twitter for “GOP abandon Trump”, you’ll get the sense that many republican voters are disheartened by the lack of support that President Trump has gotten from the party over the past four years.

They are particularly disappointed in those in the party who have failed to step up and stand behind the President as he fights for free and fair elections. The party is literally on the verge of being unable to win a presidential election for the foreseeable future yet, every day another RINO seemingly suggests that the president concede the election.

From the recent list of GOP members who’ve secretly expressed their disdain for the president, to those like Mitt Romney who’ve made their dislike of Trump known from the beginning, list of Trump antagonists keeps growing. Trumps loyal voters are keeping a ‘mental list’ of those who’ve abandoned their president and they plan to act on it in 2022, by ousting those who have betrayed him.

Some even plan to do so in the critical Georgia Senate runoffs, which could seal the Republican’s fate by securing their senate majority or, potentially, giving the Democrats full control over both the executive branch and the legislative branches of government.

Some supporters are now asking if Trump should continue supporting the party that has abandoned him.

Like Broaddrick, many Trump loyalists are hoping for a split in the party.

Even conservative media pundits are suggesting it’s time for a party split. Greg Kelly of Newsmax, recently called for conservative Trump supporters to form a new MAGA-inspired political party.

The MAGA Party.

A party about ideas, the Constitution, opportunity, liberty,


The second amendment, and canceling, canceling the deep state.

The MAGA party, an AMERICAN party….that sounds good to me.

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