2020 Battle at Gettysburg – Legacy Media Explodes Over Hearing on Election Integrity


This past Wednesday, Trump Campaign legal team members, Mayor Rudi Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, joined Pennsylvania Republican Legislators at an Election Hearing in Gettysburg, PA. Several of the numerous witnesses who gave sworn affidavits describing the rampant voter fraud, testified in person or over Zoom video conferencing.

Their first-hand and expert testimony was powerful, disturbing and irrefutable.

President Trump even phoned in to thank everyone for their bravery in coming forward to speak to the truth.

The main stream media of course exploded at the thought that the President’s team was attempting to get the truth out without their express consent. In their typical propaganda storm they went on an all out blitz to tell all who would listen that election fraud was all nonsense, that there was zero evidence of wrongdoing.

As usual, much of their hatred was focused on the call by President Trump. Here are a few headlines seen on line.

– Newsweek – “PA AG & Lt. Governor Blast Trump, ‘Fake’ GOP Election Hearing: Devoid of Reality”.

  • CBS News – “Trump phones in false claims at PA Senate committee hearing on voting ‘Irregularities’”.
  • NBC News – “Trump calls into PA hearing, rambles about voter fraud on speakerphone”.
  • Bipartisan Report . Com – “Trump Calls Into PA Election Results Hearing & Melts Down”.

Do we need to go on?

In reality, much of what was presented has not been heard by the general public. The Pennsylvania hearing shed a light on the breadth of voter fraud issues plaguing this election….and light is the best disinfectant.

Watch the entire hearing here.