EXCLUSIVE: “Blonde Braids Supervisor” From State Farm Arena Election Fraud Video Identified


Yesterday, the internet sleuths were hard at work identifying anyone they could from the bombshell CCTV surveillance video showing workers pulling suitcases of ballots out from under tables after all poll watchers were asked to leave. The supervisor responsible for sending everyone home was a woman with long blonde braids. She, along with 3 other women, remained and counted the suitcase ballots for the next 4 hours.

The Gateway Pundit was the first to announce that the identity of one of the women in the video had been discovered. She was identified as Ruby Freeman, the woman in the purple shirt. She wore the same shirt on the night of the crime. A simple internet search led to a LinkedIn profile of Freeman associated with the business name visible in a news story on the election.

Video Screen Shot of Identified Poll Worker Ruby Freeman

With Ruby identified, more internet searches led to her Facebook page. It Turns out that Ruby actually has two Facebook pages.

Only one of her pages leads to a second ID…of the blonde-braided supervisor.

The mystery supervisor is Ruby Freeman’s daughter!

Ruby’s Facebook post identifies blonde-braids as her daughter.

Someone in the comments with a possible lead … the name “Shae Shae”.

Is Shae Shae baby’s name?

A look into Ruby’s Facebook friends list and we find a “Shaye Shaye”. She looks an awful lot like the “blonde braids supervisor”.

Shaye Shaye shows up on Ruby’s Friends list.

A little more digging and we find that Shaye Shaye, may also use the name Shay and she runs a hair salon…that does braids. Her business is listed as one of Ruby’s ‘likes’.

Ruby’s Facebook Likes

As you can see, both use the term ‘Unique’ in their business names….like mother like daughter.

Mom: Ruby Freeman, LaRuby’s Unique Treasures.

Daughter: Shaye Shaye Moss, Shay’s Unique Hair Salon.

Looks like subpoenas are in order for this ‘unique’ pair.