US Media’s Role in Spygate – Part 2: Obama is the “Ronald Reagan” of the Left


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(Editor Note: This is Part 2 of a 3 part TWP series examining the US media’s role in Spygate)

Part 1 of this series focused on the media’s personal hatred of President Donald Trump as a disruptor.

In Part 2 we focus on their second motivation. President Obama as the Left’s counterpart to Ronald Reagan. If his actions are fully exposed and his legacy goes down in flames as the most corrupt President in US history, it will do untold damage to the Progressive cause. 

Establishment Media’s interest in protecting Obama’s legacy

In his podcast interview with Newt Gingrich, author Lee Smith describes Barack Obama as the “Ronald Reagan of the Left”. If his legacy switches to being the “most corrupt President in American history”, it is going to set the Progressive movement back decades. They are not going to lose their “shining city on a hill” figure. The US Media tends to lean far to the Left. They are not going to allow Obama’s legacy to be tainted and they certainly aren’t going to allow it to happen on Donald Trump’s watch. Well over 40% of the population is simply never going to accept any of the Obama-Biden era scandals ever occurred.

Two-tier justice system in the DC District (Ex. Roger Stone Case)

A lot of the US Media reporting that has come out over the course of the last few years was simply conditioning the jury pool in case criminal indictments were ever brought. It is well-known that prominent Democrats are rarely convicted or even charged in federal courts in the DC District and prominent Republicans are rarely acquitted.

If you need any evidence of this truth, look no further than the Roger Stone case. Stone was a flashy cable news talking head who allegedly lied to Congress about an irrelevant, immaterial fact in an investigation with no predication to make himself look more important than he really was. Therefore he must die in prison. The jurors and judges in the DC District are borderline bats#!t crazy, Leftist partisan hacks who despise Trump and anyone associated with him, and DC (and the Eastern District of VA in Arlington) is where most political corruption-related federal prosecutions occur. Combined with the partisan witch-hunt that was the Mueller Investigation, no one charged in a case ever stood a chance.

This was a major factor in General Michael Flynn pleading guilty as part of a cooperation agreement. Stone fought the charges and they threw the book at him. The judge in the case, Amy Berman Jackson, put a total gag order on Stone, his family, and his attorneys until after sentencing was completed. Think about that … a federal judge forbidding you or anyone associated with you from speaking out to proclaim your innocence until you’ve already been sentenced to prison. It is a prima facie violation of the 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech of the most grotesque kind and there is simply no precedent for it in law.

Politicization of the DC District Federal Judiciary (Ex. Paul Manafort Case)

Jackson was also the judge in the Paul Manafort case, who was also framed for his association with the Trump campaign. She kept throwing Manafort into solitary confinement as a means of coercion. He would be pulled out of solitary every week or so and offered a plea deal. If he would just flipped on Trump he could have been a free man. Miraculously, the guy never broke.

Flynn’s Deputy National Security Advisor, K.T. McFarland, does the best job describing what the Mueller prosecutors put the targets of the investigation through in this interview with Maria Bartiromo.

The investigation was the punishment for these men. There have been several odd judge assignments made in the Mueller Investigation cases. For example, the original judge in the Flynn case suddenly recused himself after Flynn’s initial guilty plea. It was later revealed that he had a personal relationship with FBI agent Peter Strzok, and replaced by Emmet Sullivan. We know how that went for Flynn. Even after President Trump pardoned Flynn, Sullivan still refuses to dismiss his case. Judicial case assignments in the Mueller Investigation eventually need to be investigated, given the level of government corruption seen throughout the scandal.

Lack of journalistic curiosity in US Media about the scandal

The mainstream media has largely ignored these stories. Their lack of any journalistic curiosity is simply stunning. In a normal media environment, the press would be crawling all over these cases. This is news material Woodward & Bernstein could have only dreamt about during Watergate. Yet the media don’t just ignore the stories. When necessary they actively spin stories or attempt to explain them away.

A perfect example of media complacency was the bombshell dropped about top-level Obama Officials unmasking Gen Flynn’s name. The mainstream media either ignored the story or spun it as no big deal. Claiming unmaskings were routine and the people identified were in positions where it would be a routine occurrence. That is completely untrue. Just for context, General Michael Flynn in his 33 year career, the battlefield combat Intel chief in the Iraqi Troop Surge & subsequently in Afghanistan only requested the unmasking of one US citizen and only because the subject was in a war zone talking directly to a known terrorist.

Additionally, unmaskings are typically requested by analysts and persons preparing to brief senior-level officials, not those top officials themselves being briefed. Here is the best, most concise explanation you will find of the process of unmasking US citizens in intelligence reports and the appropriate reasons it would be done from Obama’s NSA Director*, Admiral Mike Rogers. Rogers is widely believed by many to be the primary whistleblower in this scandal and a “White Knight”.

NSA director Admiral Mike Rogers explained the limited process of revealing the identity of Americans subject to incidental surveillance, during a hearing Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on June , 2017 at the Capitol

(*Point of clarification on “NSA”: Flynn was Trump’s National Security Advisor. Adm. Rogers was Obama and Trump’s Director of the National Security Agency. Completely different things. It’s easy to get them mixed up when talking about US Intel.)

Obama using media to directly involve himself in the Flynn Case

The DOJ moved to dismiss the Flynn case in a stunning filing on May 7th, I remember this day vividly. There was a party-like mentality among Flynn supporters (full disclosure: I count myself among them). Everyone at the time thought the nightmare was finally over. Soon after, Obama gave a speech to a thousand or so supporters that was “leaked” to the press.

The news over the last 24 hours I think has been somewhat downplayed — about the Justice Department dropping charges against Michael Flynn, and the fact that there is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who has been charged with perjury just getting off scot-free. That’s the kind of stuff where you begin to get worried that basic — not just institutional norms — but our basic understanding of rule of law is at risk. And when you start moving in those directions, it can accelerate pretty quickly as we’ve seen in other places.

Former President Barack Obama said in a web talk with members of the Obama Alumni Association on May 8th, 2020

Remember, Pres. Obama went to Harvard Law School and has taught constitutional law himself. He got a number of key facts wrong in his statement, facts a man with his legal education would not have mistaken. First off, Flynn was never charged with perjury, which is defined as lying under oath. He was charged with lying to federal investigators. That is not a distinction a constitutional lawyer is going to mix up. The use of the term ‘perjury’ was intentional and meant to make the dismissal seem like an egregious perversion of the law.

In addition, charges against people who plead guilty get dropped all the time, even for serious charges like perjury. Anyone who has watched one of a hundred different Netflix docuseries would know that, so there clearly was some kind of ulterior motive behind it and I believe it was two-fold.

Obama signalling to Judge Sullivan a preferred course of action and subsequent bizarre rulings

First, Obama’s speech was signaling Sullivan to take a preferred course of action. As evidence of this theory, a few days later, Judge Sullivan issued a bizarre ruling where he requested “amicus curiae” or “Friend of the Court” briefs and appointed a retired federal judge named John Gleeson. Gleeson had just helped pen a scathing op-ed in the Washington Post personally trashing Flynn and the DOJ’s decision to drop the case against him. Sullivan appointed Gleeson to effectively act as a special prosecutor from outside of government.

To use Obama’s words here, there is simply “no precedent” for this in US criminal trials. It has happened in civil trials when the government did not have the expertise to present its side of the case, which has been upheld on appeal, but never in a criminal trial. In fact, it is in direct contrast to United States v. Fokker cited in the Federalist article by Margot Cleveland previously linked, but also in U.S. v. Sineneng-Smith. A 9-0 Supreme Court decision authored by the rabidly conservative Justice, the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg (sarcasm) which had been issued just a week before.

Even if Sullivan truly felt an amicus curiae (special non-government prosecutor) was needed, Gleeson would be the last person on Earth he should have appointed. Gleeson was completely biased against Flynn. Prosecutors are supposed to be dispassionate. Their “client” is not supposed to be the government or the prosecution itself, their client is Justice. That’s the difference between prosecution and persecution. There is absolutely no legal justification for the rulings he made and continued to make throughout the case, and a federal judge with over 25 years of experience knows it. He was being motivated by politics.

DC demographics, Obama’s popularity, & Trump’s history with the Birther movement

Second, I hate to buy into the politics of racial division, but if charges are ever brought in the Durham Investigation, they will most likely be brought in the DC District courts. Washington DC is demographically a majority (or at least plurality) African-American city. Dave Chappelle, who was born and raised in Washington DC, recently remarked that DC is known as the “Chocolate City” in his Netflix special for receiving the Kennedy Center Mark Twain Award. Within the African-American community, there is understandably no more popular figure than Barack Obama. Trump, who pushed the “birther” story against Obama for a long period of time, is a man who has already pushed a conspiracy theory against Pres. Obama. Now that Trump is the victim and the primary target of this actual Obama conspiracy, there is simply nobody less well-positioned to speak credibility about the topic.

DC Jury Nullification and Trump’s lack of credibility as the target of Spygate

Much of the Black Lives Matter push in the media during the campaign was to condition the jury pool in DC, NYC, Northern VA, and other major metropolitan areas. They are relying on jury nullification to keep the perpetrators from going to prison if necessary. They are setting up the narrative that this is just the latest Obama conspiracy theory Trump has cooked up. Trump politicized the Justice Dept and the Justice system and is attacking his political opponents.

(Point of order: This is why I personally fight back on “Right-Wing conspiracies”. It’s times like this when stupid conspiracy theories really blowback and harm the conservative cause.)

This is probably the reason why a man running to become the Leader of the Free World during the campaign was shown kneeling in the middle of a street for photo-ops.

The importance of preserving Obama’s legacy to himself and to the Left

The Democrats worked under the assumption this election was going to be won or lost in the suburbs. Photos of VP Biden kneeling in homage to a domestic terrorist organization was not going to convince any soccer moms to vote for Biden. In fact, quite the opposite. If indictments are ever brought from the Durham Investigation, I believe very few actual criminal convictions will ever happen. But it is still important the indictments be brought and criminal trials be held in order to get the evidence out.

The importance of “legacy” to the kind of people who ascend to the Presidency and Vice-Presidency of the United States cannot be overstated. If the Left and Pres. Obama himself were offered two options:

Option A: Obama’s legacy and reputation are trashed and he goes down in history as the most corrupt President in US history, but never spends a moment in prison.


Option B: He spends 20 years in minimum security prison. Then emerges and is viewed as an American version of Nelson Mandela; a martyr for his beliefs who was persecuted by his political opponents.

I have zero doubt he and they would choose Option B. His legacy is that important to the Left and Pres. Obama himself.

We will delve further into the media’s complicity in the Swamp in Part 3: The US Media’s Complicity & Criminal Legal Exposure

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