Why Flynn Was Targeted: Lt. General Michael Flynn’s Explains in His Own Words


Lt. General Michael Flynn began doing media interviews for the first time since his pardon last week. One of his first was with podcast host and former Secret Service Officer Dan Bongino. Bongino interviewed Flynn after his full pardon and pronouncement of innocence.

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General Flynn is a man with an almost mythical cult-like following of Patriots across this nation. The General was President Trumps first National Security Advisor until Obama had his deep state shadow government 3-letter agencies set him up to get him out of the picture. Why? The General said he knows why, but he would like for Obama to tell him directly.

Most people believe it was because General Flynn ‘knows where all the bodies are buried’.

Flynn said:

Why, why General Michael Flynn? Nobody’s asked him [Obama] that question, nobody’s ever pinned him down, and I know the answer to that question. But that ought to shake the boots or the feet in the boots of every American that we have that kind of a process or system or person in such a powerful leadership position that is frankly probably in fear of what I was considering doing. The kinds of things that I wanted to be able to do. Frankly not because I was trying to hurt somebody it was because I was trying to help the country.

Flynn continued to explain,

… when people tell me ‘oh we’re so sorry what happened to you’ I tell them don’t feel sorry for me, feel sorry for this country and I’ll speak for myself, the country didn’t get the benefit of the decades of service and the intimate knowledge I have of how things operate, and also to be able to advise the President of the United States because they were damaging him. People weren’t coming after Mike Flynn or Donald Trump, at the end of the day they were coming after America. They were coming after the system we have, that we should be proud to have and now we’re just in phase, whatever you want to call it, phase five with this disastrous election.

General Flynn is a Super Patriot. Not a swamp creature, not a career Washington acolyte. General Flynn spent decades on the field of battle, in various capacities, concentrating in the area of military intelligence.

General Flynn knew they had a broken intelligence system. In the field, they needed intelligence that was up to the minute. In Washington, things took days, weeks, sometimes months, or even years. General Flynn knew what needed to be done and made no bones about telling people.
But, the Swamp does not like to change the system it has set up for its own benefit.

Flynn said,

I’d much rather be in the fight with my troops than in Washington.

Bongino asked the General what he thought of the current situation involving the election. General Flynn replied:

First of all, I believe from everything I know and the folks that I have spoken with some real serious subject matter experts and then following all of these hearings that have been had in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, the various suits and filings and all of this stuff in Georgia, Nevada, that Donald Trump is going to continue being the President of the United States. I think he won in a landslide I think we have to allow the process to go thru its course. I mean, in 2000, between Bush & Gore it was one county in Florida… now were talking hundreds and hundreds of counties across the country at least six states, possibly eight states that have various actions, legal actions procedural actions that are working thru their course, and I just think that everybody needs to take a deep breath and allow that to occur. I would say that with President Trump, he clearly has paths to victory, what I call clear paths to victory, and they don’t include states like Pennsylvania as an example, which I think he’s going to win Pennsylvania as well once everything plays itself out. I would rather this not go thru the courts and have to be solved at the Supreme Court, but, you know, that’s what we have these the Plaintiffs going in, those are the people on Donald Trumps side and then the defendants, I guess on the side of deceit and dishonesty instead of looking for what happened… what happened in this very disastrous federal election so my optimism in me, the positive person that I try to be is that Donald Trump will continue to be the President of the United States, he has clear paths to victory there is sufficient and gross violation and fraudulent behavior, inappropriate behavior, both in this electronic system, also thru this mail ballot fraud that we know of. People aren’t signing these hundreds and hundreds, probably thousands of affidavits attesting to what they saw and, their not lying about it, so I think the people of this country will eventually win the day, and that’s the way it should be Dan.

One of the most unique things about General Flynn is that he is a great man of faith, which he attributes having been together with his wife since they were 13 years old. He attributes much of his success to his wife and to his faith. He admitted that he is an imperfect man… okay, sure… but there aren’t many men with such a stellar character.

The two most important things to the General are his family and his faith. He comes from a large Irish Catholic family. His father was a retired Master Sargent who fought in World War II and Korea.

When discussing the government, Flynn said there were two types of problems; solvable & manageable.

Government is a manageable problem… we need strong leaders like Donald J. Trump. Trump is a very strong leader.

He lamented that we need to hold people accountable,

That is when you begin to change things. If people are held accountable, they will start behaving better knowing that if not there will be consequences for their actions.

He continued,

the American people are awake… they get what’s going on.

Bongino said of General Flynn,

History will show that General Flynn is one of the great Patriots of our time.

We completely agree.

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