Election-Focused Court Battles Signify A Functioning Republic


[Editors Note: This is the first opinion piece from our long-time friend, Church Lady. We hope you enjoy her insightful commentary.]

As millions gather in DC, Miami, and other cities, let’s pray for their safety. Angels surround and protect their bodies, minds, hearts, and souls and confuse and disperse and undermine those who scheme against this free expression of speech.

To my friends on the left and right who are worried that litigating in the courts is “undermining our democracy”, please understand this is not a democracy. This is a republic. What that means is that we are not a nation of ‘majority rules.’ We are a nation of laws that must be applied across the board to all citizens. That idea was essential to how we formed a nation at all. Independent states needed the incentive to join and a huge part of that was assuring their autonomy on most things, including elections of their local leaders, but to share the benefit of trade, national defense, and other such perks.

We are instead a Republic…The litigation in the courts is THE sign of a functioning republic and how we continue to have a nation in which the governed consent to rule by the governed. Our individual rights are inalienable, meaning no amount of mob can take them away. It is more complex now because state legislatures have the right and responsibility to choose electors in whatever way they want and citizens are used to that being by popular vote. But the vote is now compromised in many states, far beyond the slim margins that would give the state to the current ‘winner’.

But for the federal election we are all impacted by the other states doing a good job.. By that, it doesn’t mean choosing the candidate that our state wanted … it means that their elections are free from foreign influence or cheating or incompetence, all of which alienate and falsify the will of their citizens. So take heart and be excited that we can have vigorous debates and delve into the laws and provisions of states and federal constitutions and know this is how we resolve our differences without fistfights or breaking up. We are trying to talk it out.

I say “trying” because that is my second point: These cases that are being dismissed have not once addressed the merits of the case. The content hasn’t been dismissed or even seen– we just keep getting told we don’t have a right to be heard in the courts in that way. That means no official judicial branch platform has actually agreed to see the evidence. They have been doing things like the Supreme court in PA, which was responsible for changing the state legislatures law that required a firm mail-in ballot deadline of receipt with a postmark by 8 pm on Nov 3. Instead, they extended those requirements for days and removed the postmark requirement, and then had to oversee a case in which that court was itself a litigant! Not a shocker that it was tossed out.

Similar conflicts of interest are happening in GA where again the Secretary of State and Governor, both Republicans made literally a secret agreement in one of the numerous Soros-funded lawsuits that plagued so many states to demand large scale mail-in voting, unlike any other time in history, without even notifying the state legislators, much less getting them to agree and adopt the changes as law. Those who argue that this was not new because states have had absentee ballots for a long time should note that President Carter had found in his election commission that mail-in voting is the most dangerous threat to our elections because it creates so many vulnerabilities in chain-of-custody, which is the key to having one legal vote per one legal voter be counted only once in the legal precinct. Quadrupling mail-in ballots without scaling up security has led to this nightmare for some and a home run for our enemies of free and fair elections.

This idea of “merits” is important because we don’t want a Judiciary who can make laws (legislative) or choose which ones to enforce (executive) because as we saw in Emmet Sullivan’s handling of the Flynn case, a rogue judge who is determined to prosecute when there is no evidence of guilt and plenty of Brady material exhonerating the defendant, can bankrupt a family and make an innocent persons life a living hell. Checks and balances of power between the three branches of government at the state and federal levels are crucial. BUT merits do need to be heard. The evidence needs to be heard. Paul Revere is warning the British are coming and thus far the response is “This is not the correct form for that complaint so please fill out the correct one and submit it to someone who cares.

The takeaway here is that everyone can just take a breath, step back, and allow the legal cases to be made. And notice how much of this battle so far is about what evidence is real and what isn’t. That is plaguing us as a nation. What is in fact true? The reason for the confusion is our system of justice has been broken, impotent at best, and corrupted at worst so that whistleblowers are not having their day in court. Experts sounding the alarm of Chinese hacking are being silenced completely. The courtroom is where this nation needs to be. Think of a divorcing couple or a consumer battling with business owners or wherever else people slander and argue with one another … you take it to court, present all the evidence, pick it all apart, cross-examine and THEN an objective judge and jury decide what is true and what are lies. We need this. I know you, my liberal friends, want Biden in. I know, my conservative friends, you want Trump in. But what is the most important part of an election is not the person chosen (although in this particular case I kind of question that because of my own perspective). The main thing is that PEOPLE BELIEVE a leader was rightfully chosen.

Recall the case of Christine Blasey Ford: The whole SCOTUS process was interrupted at the last second because concerns raised by Democrats were given a forum to be heard by the GOP Senate, who had the power but wanted to give them an opportunity so that there was an opportunity for bipartisan buy-in instead of bulldozing the Kavanaugh confirmation through. We all watched and we listened and to most Americans, we related to women who have been hurt. But we were not convinced by her story because she had zero evidence, zero witnesses, zero details and the defense had a datebook showing no such event. She had her say in court and enough people decided her accusations weren’t legitimate. Later, we had it on tape that the main goal was achieved … to add an asterisk next to Kavanaugh’s name and the enemies of our Republic were gleeful to see an erosion of trust in the Supreme Court. But the evidence was out there so people made their own conclusions based on a shared set of evidence.

Sorry to ramble a bit here but please…understand the evidence is there of Chinese infiltration into all levels of our government, Wall Street, and academia, including the process by which Bernie was once again robbed of a primary win. Honestly, Biden should register with the Foreign Agent Act and have his security access limited as such. Why is all this corruption now official and on record, fully out in the open, when before the election the New York Post was blocked from Twitter for presenting the very same evidence? A full 17% of Biden voters now say they wouldn’t have voted for him if they had known what was on Hunter’s laptop.

How is that a functioning media? How can people still trust the same sources that have been lying and undermining this president as well as propping up the corrupt administration before this one? WE NEED AS A NATION TO SEE ALL THIS STUFF IN COURT AND ARGUED AND DEFENDED SO WE CAN CONSENT TO BE GOVERNED. Anyone suited for office should want there to be a process for the country to buy-in. Bullying people into unity doesn’t work. But bullying is all the Democrats seem to know.

Today. there are hearings before the Supreme Court in Wisconsin. In Arizona, hearings are scheduled for Monday. Pray. Watch. And keep an open mind.

The Chinese are literally doing military trainings in Canada. If you shrug that off as no big deal, you really have lived a privileged life… The Chinese kill dissidents … there is no free speech. They have forced hundreds of millions of abortions on women through their one-child policy. How is that for pro-choice? My mother, who is Chinese, lost 2 siblings in the famine that the CCP caused to subdue the people and break their hearts and minds. This is serious and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Everyone must have their voices heard. No one should be dismissed because of a technicality. Every legal vote and ONLY legal votes should count and only be counted once.

Pray for our nation and be kind. I do not believe that Americans who think socialism sounds “kinda cool” want the Chinese version of it. But we are looking down the barrel of a Chiang Kai-Shek!

Wake up! You love that Conservatives are silenced? That’s a little appetizer for reign under China. Look at how our enemies hate Donald Trump and how they love Sleepy Joe. Doesn’t that make you pause for just a moment? What if the Chinese have had Biden under their thumb and got him elected by Dominion and fake mail-in ballots and a massive media campaign that slandered Trump and suppressed his successes and covered for Biden’s corruption until after the election? I believe they are allowing this truth to come out now because they want a weak America. They want us all to feel alienated and mistrustful.

So now the Biden supporters are going to start having the same questions the Trump supporters have had… It’s just like when the Russians agitated against HRC and people mistook that as support for Trump.. no…they agitated against Trump, too. They never thought Hillary would lose. But they wanted her weak and hated when she won. What if they unleashed the virus on us to bring us and the world down? Trump had been ending the infiltration of Huawei into the global 5G networks and demanding they stop their aggression into Hong Kong and Taiwan and Africa and South America. He was a thorn in their side!

What if there has been a 30-year plan to get us to this place? Will we choose the rule of law? Will our leaders have the courage to lead? Will we reclaim our Republican form of government? Or will we virtue signal with a yard sign and flip on Netflix as the Chinese topple us before we get our day in court?

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