Analyst Identifies “Phantom Voters” Used to Dilute Legal Votes in Several States


Enthusiasm is contagious and Bobby Piton has no shortage of it. Piton became an instant success after his appearance at the first round of hearings on election integrity in Arizona. Piton, an investment advisor and managing partner of Pre-Active Investments, is also a self-proclaimed math enthusiast, who was called in to assist a colleague to decipher election data from Arizona, just days before the hearing.

Piton analyzed the data from Arizona’s own government databases and discovered a unique subset of voters who could not be identified by their binary sex (male or female), which he termed ‘U’ voters. In Arizona alone, he identified as many as 300,000 of these U voters. He believes the voters comprising the U group are “phantoms”, or fake people who cast votes.

To prove his theory, Piton identified a subset of about 95,000 of these “phantom sleeper voters” in Arizona. A group of volunteers led by Liz Harris, candidate for AZ state representative in the 17th district, set out to determine whether these voters existed or whether they were truly phantoms. Of the 95,000 names identified, Piton narrowed down the potentially fake voters to a subset of 3899 potential phantoms on which to focus their efforts. He estimated 20 to 30% would be non-existent phantoms.

Harris and her team set out to find these voters and began a door-knocking campaign. The volunteers were able to knock on 2000 doors in an attempt to find the individual voters on the phantom list. They were successful in finding 1000 people willing to talk to them and of those, 539 voters who should have resided at the residence were non-existent. That is an incredible 53.9% of the registered voters who were “phantom sleeper voters”.

Piton believes the algorithm he devised could be used to easily identify fake voters in every state.

He also theorizes that the phantom voters are used to cancel out a legal vote, yet remain hidden from detection. This is accomplished by casting a vote for the phantom, then modifying the voter rolls. He believes his theory can easily be proven by looking at the timestamps of changes made to a state’s voter files.

A similar effort is now underway in Pennsylvania, where Piton has gone on to identify Phantom Sleeper Voters. Thus far he has uncovered nearly 288,220 records that appear to be phantom sleeper voters in the 67 PA counties.

In looking into one congressional race in the state, volunteers were able to discern 34% of identified phantom voters were in fact fake people.

Piton likens these phantom sleeper voters to a digital invading army. They attack by voting, then retreat into hiding by being deleted from the records. He plans to continue identifying these fake voters, and expose what he says is the ‘biggest fraud in history”.

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