Election Data Analyst Calls for Audit of GA Vote Instead of Run-Off Election


For the current Republican majority in the Senate, everything is riding on the Georgia run-off elections between David Perdue, Jon Ossoff, Kelly Loeffler, and Raphael Warnock. At least one data analyst believes there is no need for a run-off and simply auditing the November 3rd election will prove the rightful winners.

Bobby Piton, who has already reviewed voter data for Arizona and Pennsylvania and found numerous interesting anomalies, has moved on to an analysis of Georgia’s voter data, where he has found an interesting sex-linked anomaly that could easily be audited.


By looking at the official Georgia numbers on population and voter registrations, Piton found a significant discrepancy between national and Georgia data on sex distribution. In the US as a whole, biological women comprise 50.9% of the population, while biological men make up 49.1%. Piton reviewed nearly 8 million GA voter files and found that 53.1% are biologically female and 46.9% biological males.

# Voter Records AnalyzedPercent of Total
GA Total Population7,729,831100%
Pop. Biological Male3,795,34746.9%
Pop. Biological Female3,934,48453.1%

Let’s look at the actual number of voters this involves. If you look at the national average of voters by biological sex, you can predict that GA should have about 3.8 million males and 3.9 million females. Instead, Piton calculates there are 3.6 million males and 4.1 million females.

GA Voter by Sex% National Avg# of Voters Projected Based on National AverageActual
GA %
Actual #Voters in GA by Sex1Variance in # Voters2
Biological Male49.1%3,795,34746.9%3,610,476-184,871
Biological Female50.9%3,934,48453.1%4,101,567+167,083
1. Actual % GA based on GA voter records provided by the state. 2. The variance between projected and actual voters.

That is approximately a 352 thousand person swing from what is expected and the ‘actual’ numbers of voters by sex. Georgia’s voter rolls appear to show 491,091 more female voters than would be expected based on national averages. That’s almost half a million more women than men in Georgia.

Screen shot of Piton Tweet

While this could be great news for men looking for a life partner, Piton believes, this anomaly may very well correlate to fraudulent voters in the state. An audit of the vote would tell us whether he’ll be proven right.

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