Barr Decides Against Special Counsel to Investigate Hunter Biden


Outgoing Attorney General Bill Barr announced today that he will not appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden and his ties to Ukraine and China. For over a year, Republicans have been sounding the alarm about the Bidens dealings in Ukraine and Joe Biden’s quid pro quo to have a prosecutor investigating his son fired. The clamor went nowhere, except to an impeachment trial against Donald Trump for trying to investigate the credible allegations.

Even after stacks of evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop and first-hand testimony from former business partner Tony Bobulinski, the Biden’s continue to deny any wrongdoing. However, Hunter Biden is currently being investigated in Delaware by the US Attorney’s office over possible tax violations. Apparently, some of his business dealings overseas may have been ‘under the table’.

Barr announced he would be not seeking a special counsel in the Hunter Biden case, citing the justice department’s handling the investigation “responsibly” and “professionally”.

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