Devin Nunes Seeks Criminal Referral, “FBI Lied to Congress” About Russia Probe


Newly released text messages from former FBI agent Peter Stzrok have led to Rep Devin Nunes calling for a criminal referrals of the FBI and DOJ. Nunes wants to determine why the FBI and DOJ did not turn over specific text message from Stzrok that would have be important evidence for Republicans investigating the Russia collusion hoax.

The new cache of texts from Stzrok were released after Sen. Ron Johnson and Sen.. Chuck Grassley requested them earlier this month. Nunes implored that they should have already been released to congressional members during their initial probe into the matter.

The newly released texts reference the Russia investigation prior to the date the DOJ says it officially began. There were also messages where Stzrok said he was concerned about,

having this as a [counter-intelligence] case when we are really doing a criminal investigation.

Without these informative texts, Nunes explained that their investigations were hampered and relied on piecing together information from informants, and deep dives into key players and the money trail.

Nunes blames the DOJ for obstructing congress, since investigators had requested the information on numerous occasions. Nunes said,

This is clearly lying and obstructing Congress

We sat in meetings with DOJ and FBI, and they sat there and stone-cold said there’s no more information. There’s no more text messages.

Nunes believes there is ample evidence for John Durham, who has been special investigator appointed by AG Bill Barr, to make several arrests for lying and misleading Congress.

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