A Leftist Disinformation Campaign Is Underway, And We’re All Falling For It


As demonstrated in past reporting by Lee Smith and by TWP, Leftist media will often coordinate in disinformation campaigns meant to achieve their political objectives. Currently, there is one underway targeting Trump’s base with misinformation to distract and misdirect his grassroots support. They are gaslighting us with sensationalized stories meant to suck up all the attention and energy. It’s a gigantic “Look! Squirrel!!!” effort intended to undermine Trump’s reelection efforts, and unfortunately, it’s working.

The weekend before Christmas, Maggie Haberman and the New York Times (NYT) reported a story Trump had met with Sidney Powell along with Gen. Michael Flynn and others to discuss appointing her as special counsel to investigate ballot fraud in the 2020 election. A story that was false (I know … big shocker).

TWP called out in real-time the story on the surface appeared to be fake. How would Russian-Collusion Hoaxer Maggie Haberman have sources inside Trump’s innermost circle of advisors with knowledge of what was being discussed during a late-night meeting in the Oval Office? The truth is she just made it up (I know … big shocker).

Nevertheless, the story sent shock waves of excitement through the Trump base. Finally, somebody was going to get to the bottom of all the rampant election fraud and people were going to go to jail. Twitter allowed it to trend as its lead story for days until Trump was forced to comment on the story to dispel the rumors.

(*Pro Tip: You can always tell what agenda Twitter is really trying to push by looking at the second trending topic down, usually below the paid advertisement.)

Various screenshots of Twitter’s trending section over the past few months

Another example was the earlier report by Axios that the Pentagon had halted briefings with Biden transition officials on the orders of Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller. Former Acting DNI and Trump campaign surrogate Richard Grenell quickly came out and forcibly denied there was any truth to the rumors after confirming directly with Miller the story was false.

So what’s behind all this gaslighting the Left Wing press is doing, because it would outwardly appear to be energizing Trump’s base, which is true at least at an emotional level. The Republican base is livid about the election being stolen and almost all elements of the Establishment appear to be lining up to prevent Trump’s reelection ‘by any means necessary’. Stories like these only seem to take the anger to a fever pitch, but it is causing them to focus on issues other than those that would actually help Trump.


Robert Barnes is a high-file defense attorney and strategic advisor to the Trump Campaign legal team. Barnes has been speaking out more and more publicly about the damage this disinformation campaign is having on Trump’s reelection efforts, and also to the reputations of those on the Right (wittingly or unwittingly) helping to push it.

Barnes represents all the Covington Catholic School Kids outside of Nick Sandmann, which has put him at odds in the past with Lin Wood. On the other hand, Barnes has been publicly supportive of General Michael Flynn and his attorney Sidney Powell. In fact, Barnes at one time almost took over as Flynn’s attorney when Flynn fired his original law firm, Covington & Burlington. Barnes for several reasons was unable to take the case but recommended Flynn and the Flynn family hire Powell instead. So, Barnes is not “anti-Flynn” or “anti-Powell”. In fact, quite the opposite.

Segment from a livestream with Viva Frei from May 2020 soon after DOJ moved to dismiss the case against Gen. Michael Flynn where Robert Barnes discusses recommending the Flynn family hire Sidney Powell

Barnes is warning almost none of the narratives and calls to action from the Republican base are in line with the President’s plan and wishes. Trump has no intention of invoking the Insurrection Act or marshal law. He is looking to go through the constitutionally prescribed process to contest the election after which he will either find remedy or make it glaringly obvious to the public majority the election was stolen from him.

Segment from a livestream with Viva Frei and Robert Barnes discussing On Trump’s plans win or lose after the 2020 election

The biggest firebrand calling for military intervention to stop the election from being stolen is Lin Wood, who has achieved demigod-like status among the Republican base. But Lin Wood is not the “white hat” he appears to be.

With all the chaos of the 2020 election and aftermath, Wood and his now former #Fightback Foundation partner John Pierce somehow escaped criticism for their inexcusably awful handling of Kyle Rittenhouse’s criminal defense and potential civil litigation cases. Rittenhouse was left to needlessly rot in jail for months while Wood and Pierce flew around the country attending fundraisers to capitalize on their notoriety.

The Rittenhouse family was promised Kyle would receive a full presidential pardon from Trump after the election and they had no need to worry. Only one problem with their plan; Kyle was charged with state criminal offenses, not federal. The US President does not have the power to pardon someone for state crimes, that can only be done by the state governor.

None of the Fightback Law attorneys even bothered to show up for Rittenhouse’s first Illinois to Wisconsin extradition hearing, leaving it to a public defender to request a 30-day continuance. When they did finally show up last minute at Rittenhouse’s second extradition hearing, they arrived with a hastily prepared legal brief that cited international extradition law when it was interstate extradition law that applied. Quite frankly, it was a clown show.

Wood and Pierce were able to raise over $4 million dollars for Rittenhouse’s legal defense but never gave the money directly to the Rittenhouse family or placed the funds in trust as the norm in most jurisdictions and required by Wisconsin legal ethical standards. To date they are only able to account for $2.7 millions of the funds, meaning they may have squandered or misused at least $1.3 million of the funds raised on behalf of the Rittenhouse family. Pierce was able to resign from the #Fightback Foundation in September and then using the furor of “the Kracken cases“, both Wood and Pierce quietly dropped Rittenhouse as a client in December.

Livestream with Viva Frei and Robert Barnes discussing John Pierce and Lin Wood’s handling of Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense

I don’t know what Lin Wood’s personal motivations are in relation to his handling of the 2020 election cases, but I don’t think it is coincidence he showed up at the now famous Georgia “Stop The Steal” rally looking like he was wearing a Donald J. Trump Halloween costume. I believe Lin Wood may wind up being the Right’s version of Michael Avenatti and someone who views himself as Trump’s successor. He has a history of unstable behavior, and I honestly do not understand why Flynn and Powell have chosen to ally themselves with him. The reasoning remains a mystery to me.

Lin Wood at the December 2nd “Georgia Stop The Steal” Rally

Now Lin Wood is not proclaiming to be a “QAnon“, but some of the things he’s advocating build on the narrative the “Q”s laid the groundwork on. Namely, Trump should declare marshal law or invoke the Insurrection Act and use the military to seize control of the US government.

(Editor’s Note: In 2018, the Soros linked [and leading Russian Collusion conspiracy hoax] publication Buzzfeed ran a fake hit piece on this very publication (The Washington Pundit) and our founder to smear us as a “QAnon site” [we are not and never have been]. Our site was simultaneously [and repeatedly] taken offline by coordinated hacks.)

Nevertheless, time has now proven which publication is the #FakeNews conspiracy rag, and which is breaking real news.)

Whatever the original origins of the QAnon conspiracy theory, it is now being weaponized and turned against Trump’s base. QAnon has laid the groundwork for a “disinformation campaign“. If you’re not familiar with the term, and how it is used in the modern context, listen to this interview of Lee Smith on the Dark To Light podcast with Tracy Beanz or read the James Ellroy novel “Blood’s A Rover, the third book in his Underworld U.S.A. trilogy.

Segment from a livestream with Viva Frei and Robert Barnes debunking QAnon

Here is an example of a recent QAnon message warning the secret military operation that has been rumored for years is about to get underway at President Trump’s direction and his supporters should shelter in place for the near future.

So just when President Trump needs his supporters to be the most vocal and active by putting political pressure on their elected state officials and members of Congress, the Q’s are telling their supporters that everything is in the bag – ‘the patriots are in control’. No further action is needed by them. The military is about to take care of everything and they should lock themselves in their basements “Joe Biden-style”. Or in other words, willingly self-impose the exact same stay-at-home lockdowns that governors like Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsome, and Andrew Cuomo are unconstitutionally mandating on the citizens of their states.

Are you beginning to see the scam?

Segment from a livestream with Viva Frei and Robert Barnes talking about Trump’s plans to contest the 2020 election results

President Trump has repeatedly been forced to come out and dispel rumors that he intends to use the military and declare marshal law in the wake of the 2020 election chaos.


There are two separate US laws that make it a five-year felony to involve the US military in elections (18 U.S. Code § 592. Troops at polls & § 593. Interference by armed forces), and this option was never seriously considered by the Trump administration. But the Leftist media have been more than happy to breathlessly report the story to help bolster their narrative of Trump as some power crazy tyrant who will refuse to leave office if Biden is certified as the winner of the presidential election.

Segment from a livestream with Viva Frei and Robert Barnes on rumors about Sidney Powell being named special counsel to investigate election fraud

One of the biggest drawbacks to the focus on military intervention and the Kracken lawsuits is it has given the Establishment cover and allowed the media to ignore the issue of signature match audits. There is enough easily provable evidence in that area alone to overturn the election in favor of Donald Trump a thousand times over. This is the issue the Biden campaign legal team fears the most and where their top lawyers rush to intervene whenever a suit is filed.

Now I’m not saying the accusations being made by Sidney Powell and others are false. Honestly, I don’t know. I think there should be a full and transparent investigation to look into the allegations, but the suits alleging hacking of voting machines by foreign actors are incredibly hard to prove conclusively in such a short period of time.

Rich “The People’s Pundit” Baris has been the most accurate pollster during the 2016 and 2020 elections and was blowing the whistle on election fraud, warning the election was being set up to be stolen far ahead of time. He has also been one of the leading researchers identifying exactly where election fraud took place. Even Baris has stated he has been unable to find enough provable evidence of vote total manipulation by Dominion and other voting machines sufficient to overturn election results.

The bottom line is Trump can easily prove the election was stolen with absentee ballots, but not with voting machines. That is the reason the Trump campaign quickly separated themselves from Lin Wood & Sidney Powell, but by then, The Kracken had already grabbed the spotlight.

What the Kracken cases have in effect done is divert attention and political pressure away from signature match. Instead of the base demanding signature match audits from state legislatures and corrupt election officials, they have been focused on trying to find Venezuelan generals running around Hamburg, Germany.

It has also given cover to the corrupt judiciary and Left Wing media, allowing them to present all legal challenges brought on behalf of Donald Trump (by his campaign or others) as “conspiracy theories” and ignore signature match altogether. In one of the first major decisions handed down on Nov. 21st in Pennsylvania after the famous press conference featuring Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and Jennifer Ellis, the federal judge rambled on endlessly about the Kracken allegations and used it as the basis to dismiss the entire case. He didn’t even bother to address the signature match allegations that were also included in the suit.

On a personal note, I want to say this article was personally very difficult for me to write. Without going into too much detail, my entire reason for becoming a “citizen journalist” was advocating on behalf of Gen. Flynn and others wrongly accused in the Mueller Special Counsel Investigation.

My goal is not to pat myself on the back, but to make it clear I am the last person who would write a hit piece about Flynn or Powell. Below is just one example, an email chain between attorney Victoria Toensing and myself about evidence I found that might have been used in Flynn’s legal defense. I later found out Flynn himself was the source of the lead I followed.

I feel given my history of unquestionable support for Gen. Flynn, Sidney Powell, and others, I am in as good a position as anyone to help blow the whistle. These actions are not aligned with Trump’s strategic goals, they are undermining and misdirecting his support, and in the end harming his reelection chances.

There is still time to change course.

One of countless tweets of support I’ve sent on behalf of Sidney Powell, this one from May 2020
My Twitter handle included in a list of high profile names and avid Gen. Flynn supporters in a tweet by Jack Flynn (Mike Flynn’s brother) as part of the setup for the Flynn family 4th of July “Take the Oath” video
Segment from a livestream with Viva Frei and Robert Barnes urging Gen. Flynn and Sidney Powell to change course

I urge everyone to wake up and recognize what’s really happening. There is no QAnon “Plan” to trust in. The military is not coming to bail us out. Nobody is going to GITMO, and nobody is going to do this for you. It’s on you to act.

There is only one way to truly #FightBack and that is to get up off your couch, get organized, and start a grassroots populist revolution to Stop The Steal of the 2020 election. But if the unthinkable happens and Biden is inaugurated on January 20th, 2021, then help spend the next four years breaking down the Establishment and reelecting President Donald J. Trump in 2024.

Segment from a livestream with Viva Frei and Robert Barnes talking about Trump’s “3rd Act” and what will happen in the event he fails to win reelection in 2020 and has the election stolen from him

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