The U.S. Dragon Has Two Heads with Different Views


I’ve never been affiliated with a political party because as an immigrant I didn’t inherit a family history of one and when I looked into them, I saw no real difference between the parties. It was like a dragon with two heads … same beast, but with different views. The first election I could have voted in was in 1988 and when I saw the party that was supposed to be for limited government had a former CIA chief as the candidate, following the Iran Contra scandal, I called B.S. Every subsequent election has been the same.

The two-party game is a rouse to give people the sense they have a choice, but the results have always been the same. More lies, more wars, less civil liberties; more debt, regulations, corporations, and their lobbyists buying laws. I got hooked in for a while with the hanging chads, but that ended one day when I saw President Bush claiming victory in Iraq and it made me sick. I read a book called The War Over Iraq and learned the word “neo-con” and watched with horror as the “limited government” party federalized education and engaged in regime change and all kinds of underhanded policies that made no sense for Americans but made lots of money for those in power.

Personally, I pivoted into a career in health and nutrition and started learning about toxins and Big Pharma and the lawsuit they lost to the Chiropractic Association because of their conspiracy to slander the field of chiropractic. I learned how careful we had to be not to make any medical claims or anything that remotely sounded like we were trying to treat, cure, or prevent any disease because that language was heavily regulated and really reserved only for pharmaceutical drugs. I learned how many toxins are in our food supply and how sick and fat and depressed Americans had become. I found out how agencies like the FDA had a rotating door of leadership between DC and Monsanto, Dow and other corporate giants that had invented Agent Orange and other horrible toxins and were litigating organic farmers out of existence.

Then Obama funded the mass surveillance of Americans and Brennan and Clapper were busted for lying about it under oath by General Michael Flynn and later by Edward Snowdon. Then the Prism drop from Snowdon showed what I had seen before my eyes, trolls all over social media paid to undermine dissidents and free thinkers and anyone who dared to challenge the narrative prescribed by the CDC, NSA, and other government agencies. This very incident was shown in an episode of Homeland btw…art imitating life.

I heard rumors of how Obama cracked down on journalists and whistleblowers and saw first hand how he weaponized the IRS to smash the Tea Party and any opposition. I worried that Clinton was Secretary of State since she had her Foundation running, as did Obama and the New York Times. She promised not to run it and then proceeded to sell influence and listen to Blumenthal and others that Obama had warned her not to.

Benghazi happened and I had no idea what that was about at all, but the idea that a YouTube video had caused an armed uprising so effective and long lasting that we lost an ambassador stank to high heaven even for someone like me that wasn’t even in the nose bleed seats. Much later I saw 13 hours the movie and was sickened. I heard about Uranium One and HRC approving the sale of 20% of the world’s Uranium to Russia and receiving millions into the foundation from Russians. It was even reported on NPR.

One night I was out for dinner at a fashionably quaint restaurant and the woman next to us revealed that she was a colonel at the CDC and she was placed in Hollywood to make sure shows like Greys Anatomy influence the narrative of the culture the way they want. In 2015 Wikileaks came on the scene and a favorite writer I followed in the Huffington Post got canceled completely because he asked if HRC was getting the medical care she needed. I discovered that the DNC pulled the super delegates and cheated Bernie. Then Seth Rich was killed and Bill Binney who invented the NSA surveillance program became a whistleblower and told us that the download speeds for the “hack” could not have been over the internet. It must have been through an on-site USB, meaning it was a leak from the inside.Julian Assange, who has never once presented false information and never reveals his sources, mentioned a description of Rich and said it is very dangerous to be a source. Wikileaks was offering $25k for information on the murderers of Seth Rich.

I hated all things Hollywood all my life. Never cared about the lives of the “beautiful people’ because I was too busy building my own. I put Trump in the same category. I watched The Apprentice for 10 minutes and hated his abrasive cocky attitude and I had no time for TV anyway. I heard about election primaries in the background of my life, in the gym locker room, the grocery store, etc. and I kept hearing about Trump everywhere I went. I kept thinking it was probably a publicity stunt or that since he had been friends with HRC maybe he was running as a favor to her so she could be sure and win. I watched Clinton Cash and Hilary’s America and read Game of Thorns by Doug Weid and heard Milo’s speech at Vanderbilt about SCOTUS and just how important the next president would be in that aspect alone.

I realized that this election mattered. I couldn’t vote myself but became a huge consumer of alternative media which is the actual primary source in the best cases. I got to work helping people put a clothespin over their nose and made sure the Clinton cartel that had been amassing blackmail material on everyone in Washington since Bill’s first day in the WH, would not finalize their globalist grip on all levels of power in the US. I gave money to Gary Johnson but realized this was no time for a 3rd party diversion. I felt sick to see Trump win, but more relieved to see Hillary didn’t, and for the first time, I believed in the power of the vote. I thought Trump was a NY liberal in GOP clothing and had zero expectations for him to do anything other than not be Hilary.

But the hate and lies and venom they pumped out non-stop everywhere made me very suspicious. I have been watching every step of the way for the past 4 years as they lied and dragged our country and its institutions through the emotional wringer created by criminals who don’t care how many people they hurt if it means they can cover their lies long enough to get back into power and make sure they will NEVER EVER allow another free and fair election that results in a candidate they cannot control.

Four peace treaties? No new wars? Hundreds of thousands of lives saved by cracking down on the human trafficking and fentanyl pumping through our porous border. Middle and lower class wealth and wages rising for the first time in 50 years? Prison reform combined with a booming market resulting in corporations being willing to train and hire felons and 2nd career people and all kinds of amazing achievements. All the while hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate from the left and the media. 24/7. How much do you hate him? How much do you hate him?

Now this election. Stunning to watch literally hundreds of hours of expert and eyewitnesses who are now fired and doxed and threatened and shot at, saying laws were broken. And NOT ONE COURT would hear it … all tossed out on STANDING. Bizarro. Then the machines … no audits allowed aside from the one that showed it was a complete illegal shit show in Michigan. Elections are meant to be transparent. Destruction of ballots and records only in the six key states … not a mention on any mainstream media.

Then on Wednesday, over a million people went to DC to express their love for our country and concern about the election being stolen by Chinese and American oligarchs and their corrupt governors and sretaries of state, who made up their own laws in violation of their state constitutions. Then, the videos showing how Capitol cops let the crowds come up to the building and into the building … it worked perfectly to once again deny the American people their voices of concern to be heard. All they wanted was an extension to allow the states to be convened (they couldn’t be convened without their governors calling special session since the term was over), but no! Twenty minutes into the first debate about Arizona and everything ground to a halt. When they reconvened, the senators who had agreed to object all backed out. So the groups of 50 to 80 honest legislators who did object could not be heard.

And so here we are. The most stunning thing to me is not that there are corrupt politicians or that corporations will use their money to buy policies that give them the advantage and keep barriers to competition entering the marketplace high. Nor that China would use its immense infiltration scheme, power and money to get “their guy” into the White House. Think of how proud and happy they are to have Joe Biden holding the nuclear codes. That is an impressive feat. I get all that.

But why are so many liberal Americans screaming that all voices that aren’t their own must be silenced – crushed – cancelled completely, as if this movement never happened. Someone that I considered a dear friend was calling for Trump supporters to be killed last night! Wtf is going on?! I now understand why our Founding Fathers put so many checks and balances in government and how they really focused on protecting the individual from the mob. Unfortunately, it isn’t clear our generation has done its job to safeguard that gift.

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