Flyer Inciting Violence Circulates to Entrap Conservatives


A flyer has been circulating around social media calling for an Armed Protest in Washington, D.C. and state capitols ahead of the January 20th inauguration. We believe this call is a setup and we also believe it is fake (the communist Red and Yellow are a dead giveaway). As a media company with some level of influence, we do not condone this action, nor do we know who created the flyer. We all have a right to peaceably assemble. But this is not the time to do it while visibly armed.

We’ve all seen what has happened due to a handful of bad actors on both sides of the aisle wreaking havoc at the Capitol on January 6th. We’ve seen signs that it was likely an inside job, that a lot of protesters were allowed into the building, while others snuck in as side doors were opened and others pushed their way through. All of these events occurred, but the worst are being used to change the law, limit free speech and soon Second Amendment rights. The President of the United States has been silenced, censored and canceled by a dozen big companies. This is no time to play games with this hidden enemy that no government currently has control over. If anything, these corporate giants have taken over the government.

If this flyer is real, there is nothing to gain and much to lose by following through on its call to action. There is no sponsor listed on the flyer, which leads us to believe it is bogus and designed to lure in the less informed who would get caught up in a trap. Every legitimate peaceful protest flyer has had the organizers’ name attached, their social media sites sharing the information out in the open, where everyone can comment, and see who is behind the scenes organizing. A legitimate protest is organized in the public square, not in the shadows. Whether that organizer is ##walkaway, #stopthesteal, #digitalwarriorsUSA or #patriotprayer, to name a few, they have always been upfront and open about exercising their legal right to assembly and to petition the government.

This feels like a setup and it smells like a setup…so it probably is a setup. And it’s designed to create a reason to take away your right to bear arms. Is it worth it? If your answer is no, then DO NOT COMPLY with this flyer.