Insurrection or Protection of A Sacred Space


A video has surfaced from inside the Senate chambers showing now famous horned shaman, Jake Angeli, being escorted into the Senate Chambers by a security guard. The room is cleared aside from several men, one of whom is sitting on the floor, his face covered in blood. A vidoegrapher is also in the room and catches the moment that Angeli enters the chamber.

Angeli addresses the men, saying they are “patriots” and noting the blood on the one mans face. The security guard asks the blood-soaked man if he needs medical attention. He responds,

I’m good, thank you.

He tells someone he’s on his cell phone with that he was hit in the face with a plastic bullet.

Angeli, is captured by the videographer standing at the podium where the President of the Senate, VP Mike Pence would have been seated moments before. He’s holding a U.S. flag and has place a bull horn on the desk.

The security guard nonchalantly asks the men if they would clear the Senate wing. The injured man says,

We will. I been makin’ sure they ain’t been disrespecting the place.

The security guard replies,

Ok, just want to let you guys know this is like the sacredest place.

We haven’t witnessed many violent insurrections, but this is friendlier than we imagined they would be.

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