Anonymous Anti-Mandate Street Art Creates a Scene in DC


An anonymous artist created large pop-art posters depicting various scenes of Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci and vaccine images and posted them in a Washington, D.C. neighborhood. The art was first reported by @LeighWolf on Twitter.

Four large format posters, done in a 3-color black, red and white screen-printed style, were pasted to the bare wall of a local building, as has been the tradition of street artists, graffiti taggers, and muralists throughout history.

The first poster depicted Angry Joe, screaming COMPLY! , while holding a sledgehammer labeled “OSHA” on the business end. in a 3-color black, red and white screen-printed style.

The second in line, read “Good Kids are Compliant Kids”. The poster depicts Joe Biden, hands spread as if preaching the gospel, with a crown of thorny needles. In front of him are a group of young children all dutifully wearing red masks and looking up to their savior. It’s more a scene that might be typical of a group of children in China, than the United States.

Look closely at the children’s clothing, you’ll notice patches that say “hug me I’m vaccinated” and “Vaccinated, but still stay away from me”, and “I’ve been vaccinated.

The third poster in the series shows an image of Joe Biden, wearing his iconic Aviator glasses, which have turned red. He appears sitting on a ‘throne’, holding what looks like a coronavirus squishy ball in one hand, and a mandate or decree in the other. In the background are images of masked U.S. citizens and the Preamble to the Constitution. The poster reads “MANDATE! SEGREGATE! SUBJUGATE!

The final work in the series is a god-like depiction of Anthony Fauci, adorned with a nuclear symbol halo, standing tall, head in the clouds, while money rains down around him. He holds a giant syringe in his hand. A peasant flock of citizens stands adoringly at his feet. The poster reads, “Trust The Scientism”.

But, times have changed and free expression through art is apparently no longer allowed. A local resident took it upon herself to remove the works of art.

When asked why she was removing the street art, she expressed that it was a “public health concern” and “dangerous propaganda”.

To date, no one has come forward to claim the art as their work.

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