NSA, and the FBI intimidating journalists


Why would we think that the CIA would be any different?

I don’t want to make my post solely about videos, but sometimes, I run across interesting videos and I want to tie down my liberal friends and relatives, pin back their eyelids a la Clockwork Orange and force them to watch what’s really happening. Unfortunately, I hear there are laws against such things. In fairness, my liberal relatives probably want to do the same to me.

Unable to force them to watch, I’m left begging and pleading, would you please just humor me and watch this one? Or two?

Why do conservatives like Tucker so much? This hour and twelve minute long interview helps explain why. He didn’t even realize the interview had started until the end of the video. (Also, Tulsi has apparently been over to Tucker’s house for dinner with his family).

Above is a former Democrat interviewing Tucker, who I consider an independent. Tucker tells the story of how he reached out to get an interview with Vladimir Putin long before the war in Ukraine took off. He happened to find out through a friend with contacts that the NSA was reading his texts and planned on leaking them to the media to shame Tucker. Tucker was able to get in front of the problem and informed his viewers of what was happening. It’s a fascinating tale.

This is a shorter video from Twitter at only 43 seconds. I hate sharing Twitter videos since I’m not a fan of their censorship and even the way the platform is laid out. This one in some respects is more important than the Tucker video since it concerns the corrupt FBI. For those that don’t know, Sharyl Attkisson was a prize winning journalist for CBS News who ran afoul of the Obama administration when she exposed the Fast & Furious gun running scheme. That’s the operation where we sold guns to Cartel members so that in theory we could track the guns back to Mexico. It’s also the operation that got Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry killed when drug smugglers were crossing a load fully armed.

In order to “get” Sharyl, an intelligence agency hacked her computer and read all her emails. Apparently, the FBI was even going to plant child porn on her husband’s computer. The FBI did put classified documents on her computer according to her. If that’s not scandalous and a reason to break up the FBI, then I don’t know what is. They have truly become blinded by partisanship.


Finally, above is Sharyl Attkisson talking about her court case against the FBI and how she has been stonewalled and what an uphill battle it is.

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