Why Hitler Still Matters (Part 1)


I remember reading that Adolf Hitler was the most influential person of the 20th Century. Of course, as with “Man of the Year” awards that is always debatable. I read somewhere that the BBC picked Alan Turing as the most influential person. Most American readers will probably not remember who he is. He was the English code breaker. Turing would never have been known about without the advent of the Austrian Corporal to the leadership of Germany. Now, let me be clear that when I say that Hitler was the most influential person in the 20th Century I do not mean he was the most saintly, Godly and righteous person, far from it. What it means is that without Hitler World War II may never have happened. It could have still occurred due to the disastrous Treaty of Versailles, but it would certainly not have unfolded in the same way that it did.

Because of the war, the Cold War ensued. Between World War II, and the Cold War, you have at least half of the 20th Century taken up. Without the holocaust, it is likely that Israel would never have been formed. It was precisely because of the sympathy given the Jews in the wake of what happened in the concentration camps that caused international opinion to side with the Jews over the Palestinians in the forming of a new nation. In some respects, Israel was/is an artificial creation, developing a new nation from the ashes of one that had gone extinct centuries before. Without Israel, there would have been far less terrorism. In fact, the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 would likely have never occurred since Osama Bin Laden attributed the need to attack New York largely due to United States support of Israel.

To this day, Antifa- (Anti-Fascist) is a group that was founded in Germany in the 1930s. It was short lived because they lost to the fascists. However, we see here in the United States how terribly influential they have been over the last few years, along with BLM, in causing mayhem and destroying cities. Without Adolf Schicklgruber (Google it), there likely would never have been a need for a Communist group like “Antifaschistische Aktion” to ever have been formed in the first place. George Soros would never have left Hungary and gone on a mission to revamp the world in his own vision while destroying economies and inner cities.

Currently, debates still form online between different groups who believe that the holocaust never happened, or, that it didn’t happen enough, or, that every single German must forever be held accountable for it (sins of the father). Therefore, like it or not, Hitler is still relevant to this day and will be for some time to come.

Which brings me to the immigration debate. Anyone trying to keep non-whites out of countries that for centuries if not for several millennia were exclusively white countries is now vilified by the left as a Nazi. The first charge against any and all conservatives standing up for the right of white people to merely exist are called fascists, Nazis, or the second coming of Hitler. As one pundit pointed out, “As if the problem during World War II was all those Jews trying to break into Nazi Germany.”

In another online publication, I tried mentioning Hitler and the editor wanted no part of it. He said that it was impossible to have a rational debate about Hitler. He’s probably right, but that doesn’t stop everybody, and I do mean everybody, from talking about Hitler. He may be the most scrutinized character in human history. Jesus didn’t have as much files, books and photographs to leave as a legacy. We are still finding out things about Herr Hitler to this day.

Others have asked the question, why are Jews so dead set against immigration restrictions? To be clear, that’s not my question. I’m a fan of people like Stephen Miller, Trump’s immigration advisor, and David Horowitz, both Jewish and both dead set against mass immigration. However, then you have George Soros and Barbara Lerner Spectre. Memes like the one below are being widely circulated online to justify antisemitism.

Given that Europe survived just fine for several millennia without being multicultural at all, one wonders why it would suddenly cease to exist if it kept on doing what it had been doing for centuries to come. In fact, the opposite is likely true. Right now, Jews are fleeing France because it has become so unsafe and that’s not because of the Hitler Youth, but because of the Arab immigration.

I can remember being at a dinner party hosted by a French professor. She had the interesting story that her family was originally a Jewish one from Morocco. When the allies came into North Africa as part of Operation Torch during World War II, the allies needed translators and her father served as a translator. At the end of the war, he emigrated from Morocco to France. His daughter grew up in France, but learned to speak English fluently (sort of the family business) and she in turn migrated to the United States becoming a professor of French. At the dinner party that night was a young man from Brittany, France. The professor and the Breton got into a big argument. At the time, Jean Marie Le Pen of the conservative National Front party had made a good showing in the first round of voting and had a slight chance of becoming president in the runoff. The French professor denounced LePen as being a fascist while the Breton stood by him. The Breton made the point that letting in Arabs who hate Jews was not going to end well for the Jews. The professor was having none of it and just kept on saying that LePen was a fascist and that she could never vote for him. Previously, LePen did say that the holocaust was a detail of history and was fined for saying it. France has laws against holocaust denial (I’m sure he argued he wasn’t denying the holocaust happened, just that it was a side issue to the war). However, LePen was sort of right. If you watch Frank Capra’s propaganda movie “Why we fight” (shown to U.S. troops so that they would know why we were fighting Germany and not just Japan), he does not mention Jewish extermination at all. In fact, many if not all American G.I.s who liberated concentration camps were shocked by what they saw. The troops had no idea that it had been going on.

The French professor didn’t listen to the Breton. Of course, she was safely living in Texas where the Mexicans do not have a tradition of antisemitism.

She wasn’t a stupid person, far from it. Yet, she couldn’t see what myself and the Breton could so easily see. Why not? It was plain as day to us. It got me thinking that people in general are not stupid, but they are shallow.

In the lead up to World War II in Germany, the Jews were held to be responsible for all injuries real or imagined. Once the Jews were no longer being vilified as some boogeyman, then shallow people simply decided that the problem must be white people, what the Germans called “Aryans”. They just went from one extreme to the other. They turned 180 degrees and started vilifying white people for being white. In the effort to flee from being a Nazi, they completely missed the point. I suppose judging on these terms is easier on the brain. So much for judging people by the contents of their character and not the color of their skin…or ethnic heritage. However, you are both an individual, and a member of a group. People will judge you on both spectra.

What was the Nazi ideal? The Ubermensch, a tall blond Nordic man or woman. So, who is bad now? The tall blond Nordics. Easy, right? You don’t have to think, or, evaluate each person or culture on a case by case basis.

Never mind that the Nazis fought first other Germans to gain power, then Austrians, then Czechs, Poles, Norwegians, Danes, French, English (Anglo Saxons who invaded England from Saxony, Germany centuries before) and finally Russians and Americans. World War II was overwhelmingly a war of white people fighting white people in Europe. Even some of the Jews who were killed looked white. Ironically, the Germans had treaties with the rather swarthy looking Benito Mussolini and the Japanese, neither of them terribly “Aryan” looking.

Both Hitler and Goebbels showed signs of narcissism. It is even speculated, though not proven, that Hitler may have had a condition called hypospadias, commonly referred to as micropenis. It is speculated that one of the reasons that Hitler may have wanted his body cremated was so that the Russians would not be able to see this condition and put his body on display. Even at the beginning of Hitler’s reign, it was noted that Hitler would not have been able to join his own elite SS guards. He wasn’t tall enough for one thing. He may have been idolizing that which he was not.

There’s also a possibility that Hitler himself was part Jewish. That’s something the angers both Jews and Neo-Nazis alike. Jews certainly don’t want a self-hating Jew to be the one responsible for the holocaust, and Neo-Nazis get their panties in a wad thinking that Hitler was not a purebred. https://www.history.com/news/study-suggests-adolf-hitler-had-jewish-and-african-ancestors . DNA may prove the deciding factor about Hitler’s ancestry.

When I left the Border Patrol, I wrote something of a farewell letter that consisted mainly of a book review of “The Lessons of History” by Will and Ariel Durant. In the review, I pointed out the times wealthy nations had their birth rates drop off while poorer nations had high birth rates; “Family limitation played some part in the history of Greece and Rome.  It is amusing to find Julius Caesar offering (59 B.C.) rewards to Romans who had many children, and forbidding childless women to ride in litters or wear jewelry.  Augustus renewed this campaign some forty years later, with like futility.  Birth control continued to spread in the upper classes while immigrant stocks from the Germanic North and the Greek or Semitic East replenished and altered the population of Italy.  Very probably this ethnic change reduced the ability or willingness of the inhabitants to resist governmental incompetence and external attack.” (page 23).

Interestingly, not part of my farewell letter, but I found out later that in the wake of World War I, Rudyard Kipling made the point that Germany’s higher birth rate than the French one would lead to problems down the road: Kipling argued that even before 1914, Germany’s larger economy and higher birth rate had made that country stronger than France; with much of France devastated by war and the French suffering heavy losses meant that its low birth rate would give it trouble, while Germany was mostly undamaged and still with a higher birth rate. So he reasoned that the future would bring German domination if Versailles were revised in Germany’s favour, and it was madness for Britain to press France to do so.

In Peter Turchin’s book War and Peace and War, he makes the point that in peaceful times, the birth rate expands which in turn puts a strain on the food supply and eventually leads to war. I would argue that what is driving the population increase in Western countries today is immigration. Eventually, this will lead to food shortages and wars.

After the farewell letter was out, I was attacked by one of the Hispanic Border Patrol Agents claiming that Will and Ariel Durant must have been evil WASPs. He actually wrote to me, “Do you know who else wanted to increase white birth rates? HITLER!!!” So, as you can see, he embraced the idea that white people were inherently bad for having been born. The Hispanic Agent failed to see his own racism against white people. The reason for World War II was not because the Nazis set up baby farms to try to breed more Aryan looking children. It was not like Churchill and Stalin saw Hitler breeding little white babies and said “Horrors be, we must attack and stop this!” World War II was because Germany was invading all its neighbors and showing no end in stopping.

However, the pendulum in the eyes of the shallow just went from all Jews are bad to all white Aryan looking people are bad. Both ideas are stupid and shallow. That is what gave birth (no pun intended) to the idea that the biggest threat to a Jewish population was an all white country. This despite the fact that it was almost exclusively white people who put a stop to the madness.

Above. Born bad?

To be continued…

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