TWP Exclusive

New Evidence Emerges Of Eric Holder’s Role In Flynn Setup

Recently, K. Ekim Alptekin was interviewed on the Dark to Light Podcast (D2L) with Tracy Beanz. Alptekin addressed the current status of the case...

Was The Jan 6th Capitol Hill Riot A Reichstag Fire Event?

If you are not familiar with the history of the Reichstag Fire, it was an arson attack that took place the evening of February...

Trump-Turkey Collusion Hoax – Part 4: Terror In The Poconos

Dr. E contributed reporting to this story (Editor Note: This is Part 4 of an exclusive TWP exposé series on the coordinated media disinformation campaign...


The God Problem: Crumbling of a Nation in One Generation

There are civilizations that have passed from existence throughout the timeline of human presence on Earth. Ceasing to exist as a society, nation, people,...