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Flyer Inciting Violence Circulates to Entrap Conservatives

A flyer has been circulating around social media calling for an Armed Protest in Washington, D.C. and state capitols ahead of the January 20th...

Freshman Congresswoman Plans to Provide Own Security in Washington DC

Freshman Congresswoman Lauren Boebert plans to be locked and loaded as she goes to Washington, DC to represent the people of Colorado's 3rd congressional...

Virginia Lawmakers Advance Gun Control Law Despite Rally Supporting 2A

In a tweet soon after the culmination of the completely peaceful rally of gun rights activists in the Virginia Capitol of Richmond, Va Governor...

Virginia Senator Warns of Imminent “Set-Up” of 2A Supporters at Rally

Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase (R) is warning the public that there is reason to believe the the Governor and the liberal-led government of...

North Carolina County Votes to Become 2A Sanctuary

Emotions ran high at a packed house public comment meeting in Davidson County, NC as citizens made their voices heard about protecting their second...