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As Statues are Toppled Nationwide, NC Group Hoists Confederate Flag

As protesters tear down statues of confederate generals across the country, a group in North Carolina is responding by hoisting the confederate flag in...

Mississippi Governor Signs Bill Removing Confederate Emblem from State Flag

The Mississippi state House and Senate sent a bill forward to the Governor's office, where it has been signed into law. The Mississippi...

Noose Found Hanging in Stall of NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace

At the height of the George Floyd frenzy, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace who is half black, called for the league to finally ban the...

NCAA Bans Tournaments in Mississippi Over State Flag

This Mississippi state flag is the last state in the union to don anything related to the confederacy. The controversial Confederate flag is...

NASCAR Bans Confederate Flag at Events and Race Tracks

The powers that be at NASCAR just announced that they are banning the flying of the Confederate flag at all events and properties. The...