Vimeo Permanently Suspends The Washington Pundit’s Official Account


Recently The Washington Pundit (TWP) received notice from Vimeo that our official account on their platform had been removed for violations of Vimeo’s “Guidelines“.

Dear The Washington Pundit,

Your account has been removed by the Vimeo Staff for violating our [Guidelines]


From Vimeo’s email notification to TWP

TWP reached back out to Vimeo’s Legal Dept. to inquire which guideline had been supposedly violated, by what video, and preemptively requesting reinstatement of the account citing no prior violations, warning, or belief any video we had posted would rise to the level of a permanent ban. TWP received the following response,

From Vimeo’s totalitarian response to TWP’s inquiry and request for reinstatement

Yet another example of Orwellian Big Tech censorship of independent news organizations asking legitimate questions about the overwhelming evidence of irregularities in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Here is TWP‘s official response to Vimeo’s “final decision“: ??

Thankfully, you can still see all our video content on our Rumble Channel, which seems to be one of the only remaining video platforms committed to Free Speech and Freedom of the Press.

We do not want to leave you, the reader, on a negative note however. Remain optimistic and remember, Big Tech and The Establishment would not be overreacting this way if they felt the institutional narrative was winning. These insane, over-the-top acts of censorship are further signs of panic taken from a position of weakness, not of strength. The information gatekeepers are losing control, and The System is scared.

(Rumble Link) Viva Frei and Robert Barnes on how the system overreaction is a sign of weakness, not of strength. Remain optimistic and keep the faith in the Constitutional Republic.

The Washington Pundit will continue to Speak Truth To Power.

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