You’re a Russian Sympathizer


Blue and yellow paints the land as far as the eye can see.

Support Ukraine!

Yet in America, we’re witnessing a time paradox.

In 1955, morale against the communist Soviets was boosted by adopting “In God We Trust.”

From the President, to the Treasury, that motto was everywhere. Imagine the contrast of, ‘us versus them,’ in such a united and heartfelt manner.

What unity.

What strength.

Flash forward to the year 2022. Is America that strong, free nation willing to stand up and fight against communism with the grit and sweat of liberty? 

Far from.

Tragically, America has landed smack dab into mimicking our enemy.

From Ivan the Terrible to the KGB, secret police bullying their views upon others has plagued Russia.

It now plagues America, disguised under the new name of ‘wokism’ and the NSA.

Here we are, in a flipped dimension, where Russians have adopted Christianity, claiming that if they die fighting against us, at least they’ll go to heaven.

Meanwhile, we’re focused on skin color, restrooms and pronouns. Say the wrong thing and you’re CANCELLED!

Nuclear war is literally approaching, but we’re too busy fighting petty battles amongst ourselves.

Rich vs. poor.

Democrat vs. Republican.

Gay vs. straight.

Science vs. religion.

Environmentalism vs. capitalism.

White vs. black.

Black vs. white.

Brown vs. black.

Black vs. Asian.

Woman vs. trans woman.

In this kind of climate, who’d want to lay their lives down against a nuclear power?

Underneath the divide, we’re better than this.

We CAN let go of what we cannot help (like skin color) and focus on what matters for ALL Americans: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Personal liberty that does not demand its own way upon others, but hopes to remain free, despite indifference.

Sons and daughters of liberty should always hope to live as individuals, filled with love and mutual respect for each other, no matter our religion, race, gender, or income.

Oh, what unity.

What strength!

We can get there.

First, we have to stop being Russian.

Yes, I’m talking to you with your blue and yellow profile pic.


Cancel Culture is Russian.

Techno tyranny is Russian.

Hating America is Russian.

My grandfather was a second-generation Ukrainian in this great country. When he got out of the Navy after WWII, he didn’t use his G.I. bill to make a business in Ukraine; he made it here!

This is one of many reasons why I’m America first.

Ya’ll know what’s not American?

Mass surveillance.

Keeping a close eye on citizens is a Russian trait, NOT an American one.

Our founders risked their lives fleeing from that atrocity.

Over taxation and encroaching on religious rights is also a Russian trait. Don’t believe me, research Peter the Great and his beard tax.

Back in the day, Russian men believed their beards were sacred. They thought cutting them off would keep them out of heaven. Their leader wanted to make the east look more like the west and decided to tax men who refused to shave. If Peter saw a bearded man in public, he’d cut it off himself. Many Russian men died with their severed beards buried with them, in hopes to be accepted into heaven.

What a travesty.

What tyranny.

Now, if you don’t say the right pronoun, you’re deemed a bigot and deserve to starve.

A Russian trait.

Offended yet?

Then you’re a Russian sympathizer.

Americans shouldn’t desire to destroy each other. 

Americans SHOULD believe in freedom.

Americans SHOULD believe in personal liberty.

Americans should never tread on each other.

No one should be forced to change their opinion out of fear in America.

That’s how they live in Russia.

So if you REALLY want to support Ukraine, start by living like an American.

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