My Urgent Plea for America


Dear America,

For countless reasons, I was raised to love you.

Phrases like, “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” and “Give me liberty, or give me death!” have been instilled in me since my youth.

What a sense of pride I had in you, America. Every jet I watched soar in your skies, every salute from your warriors, every song about your beauty filled my heart with joy!

I thought you’d never fade away. That no one on earth could defeat you!

How foolish I was, I never thought you’d defeat yourself.

I love you, America.

I love your flag. Red for valor. White for purity. Blue for justice.

Now, those colors bleed with division, confusion, and hate.

I feel like I’m watching you transform like alcoholics and drug addicts do. It’s like you are morphing into a constant state of self-loathing.

Occasionally, there’s a glimpse of what you once were. Attractive. Strong. Free. It was you, America, where it was first stated that our unalienable Rights come from our Creator. It’s how true freedom was provided. Many saw it and were in awe! You were a light to those fleeing tyranny; a path where they could find a home and live, really live as free individuals.

Dark clouds of bureaucracy have covered that light. Your arms, once warm with the cover of liberty, are now cold with contempt as you use them to crush your citizens.

“For the people, by the people.”

How far you have fallen…

Infringement on the 2nd Amendment. Censorship. Mass surveillance. Political attacks. Vaccine and mask mandates. Political persecution. Labeling concerned parents as domestic terrorists. The looming taxation without representation as you arm and increase the IRS. The list goes on and on. The very tyranny millions have run to you for protection from, you are now committing.

Under the weight of your abuse, I beg you to stop! Stop inflicting pain on your people!

The very people you’re supposed to protect…

As you gnash your teeth at me like a fiend, I know the risks of calling you out. In love, I write this in hopes to intervene.

My America, while growing up enjoying all of your fruits, I never thought I’d say this: as an American woman, I risk everything to speak my mind.

Just typing that is reminiscent of stories I heard out of China, Nazi Germany, Venezuela, and North Korea.

Not you, my darling America. Yet, here I am, under your boot.

The destructive path you’ve chosen is not what you were designed to embark upon. 

Oh, America, land of my birth, how I miss seeing your beautiful smile. Now, when you open your mouth, it’s rotted from the influence of communism and greed.

My dear America, this CAN’T be you!

What rehab do you need, what formula or twelve-step intervention can restore you to your former glory?

What can I do, America, to make you better?

As you sneer at my feeble attempt to help, I realize, it’s not you, America, who is at fault.

It’s your people.

One only has to look at interactions online to see how wicked most Americans have become.

Emotionally immature, quick to anger, ignorant to our own history, and naïve enough to give a political party childlike trust, it’s no wonder we’re divided.

How eager Americans are to celebrate the death of someone they disagree with.

How happy are they when more liberties are taken away from their political opponents.

How openly they threaten the lives of their countrymen without fear of repercussions or even guilt for their hatred.

As a whole, we aren’t worthy of the glory you once possessed.  

I get it, now, my dear America. It’s our hearts that need to change, not yours.

The battle for you was won.

The Constitution was signed.

It’s up to us to deserve you.

Only then, with the help of God Almighty, will your land be healed. 


a Patriot who will NEVER give up on you.

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Christian, Cherokee, Mom, Army Wife, Patriotic American. Author of The War Torn Trilogy, available on Amazon. Follow me on Parler @KimberlyHumphreys

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