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Op-Ed: When Understanding The Terms Matter

In a world of social ladder climbing driven by misinformation, personal bias, political rhetoric, and public outrage over public policy mandates, clear communication styles...

The Greatest Bait and Switch in Modern History

Rarely has there been a more controversial and divisive bait and switch in the history of the United States than the well-orchestrated diversity, equity...

Living Through ‘PCSD’ Today

In an age of modern culture there are a number of factors that affect populations in different regions of the world. First of all,...

The God Problem: Crumbling of a Nation in One Generation

There are civilizations that have passed from existence throughout the timeline of human presence on Earth. Ceasing to exist as a society, nation, people,...

Understanding Why Afghanistan Fell So Quickly

When considering the quick overthrow of Afghanistan to the Taliban, there are more questions than answers. In the United States, the Biden administration responded...