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In an age of modern culture there are a number of factors that affect populations in different regions of the world. First of all, there is no period in modern history that compares to the most recent two years beginning in the fall of 2019 and extending to the beginning of 2022. The world it seems has become the victims of what can only be defined as a global reset by design. Virtually every society from the different regions of the world has faced the most intentional and limiting forced lock-downs and all in the name of science.

In his writings concerning Mass Formation Psychosis, Dr. Robert Malone discusses why large portions of the general population become entrenched in lies designed to promote a narrative focused on the “safety and public health” of the masses. This noble lie, as Dr. Malone cites is conveniently designed to sway the feelings, emotions, and beliefs of a portion of the population adequate enough to create the notion that people should give up their own personal beliefs in exchange for “the good of society.”

(Rumble Link) – Dr. Robert Malone with Joe Rogan on Mass Formation Psychosis

The lie becomes immortalized in presenting supposed facts, which are less factual and more inclined towards presenting a picture filled with backdrops and scenes that can only be described as theatrical. Malone calls the entire process a form of mass hypnosis, and something which only requires a small percentage of the entire population to push the narrative.

This article focuses on the primary culprit, Covid19, which appears to have its origins in the Hubei Province of China, in the city of Wuhan. Some of the characteristics of the virus, which has gone through the origin cycle of being a natural virus in some form to being created in a lab environment, cannot be denied. There are significant and dangerous things related to the Covid19 virus. It can and has caused the deaths of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of individuals since its inception during the middle of 2019 or earlier.

When the virus was introduced to the world, there was expected panic on a global scale. Regardless of the fact that there was significant evidence that the virus was in fact the produce of intentional design, masses were convinced that this was not the case. People around the world were told through government, media, and written sources that science had definitively proven that the virus was the result of “natural” causes, but eventually this became a red herring in terms of believably. Once it was determined that in fact the virus was leaked from a Chinese laboratory, then the race was on for conspirators and co-conspirators to stay ahead of the information curve with misleading and intentional misinformation that would be able to keep the level of fear at a pitch level.

(Rumble Link) Attorney Michael Senger discussing video and other evidence that China’s Wuhan lockdowns were in fact part of a CCP led disinformation campaign

In theaters of war there is a condition known as PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is a condition that has been studied and validated by the medical community. It relates to war veterans who have experienced trauma during their time in battle. The condition can be debilitating, and it often has lasting effects which sometimes last a lifetime. The PTSD experienced by military personnel is responsible for some of the tragic loss of life for those who cannot cope and readjust to life away from battle.

(Rumble Link) – Band of Brothers: Carentan (2001) “Hopeless War” speech between Pvt. Albert Blithe (Marc Warren) and Capt. Ronald Speirs (Matthew Settle)

There is something very similar that is being experienced by the general population today, something very similar to PTSD. It is called PCSD or “Post-Covid Stress Disorder”. In many ways the PCSD shows clear and defined characteristics just like PTSD. For PTSD individuals, they have a hard time letting go of the situations and circumstances of their war-time involvement. For PCSD individuals they also experience difficulty in letting go of the feelings, emotions and trauma they experienced from the social and personal restrictions that were placed upon them when Covid19 first came onto the world front.

The fact that PCSD exists is without question or proof, and one only need to turn on the nightly news to get the full effect of the repeated and intentional messaging being promoted by governments and legacy media outlets, which have a vested interest in continuing to drive the narrative of fear and worry over something that was originally supposed to take less than a few short months to get control of.

What is the exact purpose and reason behind the narrative that is causing so many people around the world to experience PCSD? While it is unclear as to the exact purpose to continue the fear narrative, there are clues as to why it is happening. For example, once Covid19 and all of its natural variants began showing up, the governments around the world needed to use this natural phenomenon to provide a purpose for taking away the personal and civil rights of citizens around the world. There have never been in the history of modern mankind more intentional lock-downs and deprivation of travel for mass percentages of the global population than have occurred during the Covid19 period in the world.

Media outlets have begun banning and censoring those who provide any information pointing out misrepresentations by government agencies and public health agencies. There appears to be a strong interest in continuing the Covid19 hysteria for some nefarious but behind the scenes reason. The lines have been drawn between those wanting to get life back to normal and those who have no intention of going back. The portion of the population suffering from PCSD are unfortunately convinced that the Emperor has a full set of clothes on when in fact the Emperor has no such garments available to him.

(Rumble Link) – Video montage of local media news affiliates repeating they same talking points across numerous media markets

For whatever reason the powers that be have chosen to further push the narrative of a dying world, they are causing great harm to the general population that is in fact suffering from PCSD. There is a way to escape the hysteria simply by doing a media and news detox that will help relieve the fear and emotions of PCSD, but those who suffer from the condition have to be able to break away from the hypnosis they have been placed under. It is necessary to begin to undertake some of the “normal” activities people used to do on a regular basis and realize that there is little fear related to breathing fresh air and stepping outside into the Sunlight.

Next, get into social situations and settings with other people and begin enjoying the company of others without a mask, where it is possible, and understand that before Covid19 people were gathering regularly without fear of congregating. Finally, be responsible for your own health and use common sense regarding which situation or environments suitable to be in. It’s also necessary to remember that before Covid19 there were many other communicable diseases that existed. People live through them every day, and Covid19 has become less deadly with time just as other diseases have worked through their own life cycle.

People can live and enjoy a healthy life without having to live full of fear, threat of something that may cause them harm, and escape the effects of PCSD if they just use some common sense and have a practical approach to life.

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