Predictions for the SOTU


Predictions for Joe Biden’s State of the (dis)Union speech.

Right now, pundits are speculating on what Biden’s state of mind will be for his big speech March 7th before Congress, as well as what he will talk about. Biden’s advisors (handlers) are supposedly huddled trying to get the speech right.

Meanwhile, I suspect his doctors are trying to get the right cocktail of amphetamines, antipsychotics, benzodiazepines, stem cells and any other kind of drug legal or not to make him appear coherent, plus, some Imodium to make sure he doesn’t have an accident while on stage.

I’m sure he’s going to talk about Ukraine and how we need to bankrupt the country funding a war to keep Russia (who can’t even defeat a small corrupt country) from conquering Ukraine and then marching through the rest of Europe. He’ll talk about inflation and how it’s not so bad. He’ll talk about abortion. He’ll also try to ramp up the fear of “White Nationalists” who are seeking to overthrow “our democracy” and the threat of extremism (meaning anyone who doesn’t vote for Biden).

However, what will he say about immigration? First off, I expect that he will call or heavily insinuate that anyone against immigration is either a racist, a bigot, or a xenophobe. Think of it as a technique that is used to get an open border. Many Republicans are still terrified about being labelled racist, so, they bend over backwards like cowards to avoid it. Man up Republicans, they are going to call you racist no matter what.

If he mentions the murder of Laken Riley, it will be to get in front of it and dismiss it. Just like his handler Alejandro Mayorkas feels no guilt about the murder of Riley by an illegal alien, so too will Biden. He will treat it as an isolated incident and then engage in “whataboutism” by saying there are American murderers too. That’s if he even mentions Riley at all or even the hundreds of others who have met death or victimhood at the hands of those who should not have been in the country in the first place.

He will mention the Senate Lankford-Schumer border bill amnesty that would have let in 5,000 illegal aliens a day. Biden will deceptively say that the bill would have hired more border greeters (what used to be called Border Patrol Agents) and that this would have somehow secured the border, though, we all know it is policy that keeps the border open. He will not mention the proposed House border bill H.R.2 which the National Border Patrol Council (the USBP’s union) initially endorsed. However, he will say that the BP Union supported the Senate bill. Actually, the NBPC’s union president Brandon Judd did endorse the Senate bill, but he faced such a backlash by Agents that he is running away from that stupid decision of his now.

Also, Biden will blame Trump for the failure of the Senate border bill ignoring that Trump is not in office and that Yes, some Republican congressmen actually have minds of their own and were against the amnesty even without Trump weighing in on it.

As I pointed out in the debate between Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis, Newsom claimed Republicans “failed to act” (i.e, cave in to Democratic demands) by not giving in to amnesty. Newsom even went so far as to say that DeSantis was for “amnesty” before he was against it. That was funny because Newsom used the term “amnesty” and not the veiled term “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” which proves he knows that it is an amnesty no matter how they try to cover it up in the media. I expect Biden will also claim that Republicans failed to act and attempt to shift blame to the Republicans for the disastrous border. The only people who will fall for that are hardcore Democratic partisans who put their party in front of the wellbeing of the country… and morons.

Interestingly, the Biden administration has floated the idea that they will do something “bold” on immigration. I was listening to the Center for Immigration Studies podcast and they pointed out that if Biden can do executive actions to close up the border, then that’s an admission that he didn’t need the Senate border bill to clamp down on the border. So, now the liars have a dilemma. As the CIS podcast points out, the Biden administration might try the old “sue and settle” technique that served them so well in the past. (Example, the Flores Settlement). They will pass an executive action, but before it is implemented, one of the many NGOs or the ACLU will sue them to prevent its implementation. They will pretend to fight against it, but then cave in and settle with their frenemies on the left to not implement it after all. This technique will distract the all important moron vote into believing they actually tried to do something on border security while in reality it will establish a precedent that will make it harder for Trump or any other Republican to implement border security by executive action.

Finally, I’m willing to be that Biden will try to humanize illegal aliens in order to elicit sympathy and try to get Americans to accept millions more invaders. He will likely trot out some Dreamer DACA recipient who graduated at the top of his/her High School and went on to become a doctor/lawyer/scientist. He will hold her up as a shining example of what all illegal aliens are supposed to be and shame any Republican for wanting to deport them. Of course, that doctor or scientist would be able to help out their native homeland far more than America. I’m willing to bet that Mexico has a bigger shortage of doctors than the United States. As for lawyers, do we really need any more? Besides the “Dreamer” will fight for more immigration, not for the Heritage American they seek to replace. Human interest stories sell well with the American public (especially women), so, expect it to be a sappy story showing the invader in the most positive light possible.

I doubt I will bother to watch the whole thing the night of the speech. It will anger me too much knowing what a liar he is. I’ll probably catch the highlights the next day. For those willing to torture themselves by watching it, you might be able to make a drinking game out of it. Drink every time he says “undocumented migrant” or “newcomer” instead of illegal alien. Drink if he uses the word “racist”, “white nationalist”, or “extremist”. It’s all gas lighting, brainwashing and propaganda.

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