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A few things have happened that lead me to believe that immigration patriots are on the defensive in this war for the hearts and minds, despite, polls showing the majority of Americans are for greater restrictions on immigrants. First off, pResident Biden is due to give his State of the Union address on March 7th, and his handlers are said to be prepping him intensely for it. (I suspect they are also trying to find the right combination of human growth hormone, amphetamines, and stem cells to make him seem as coherent as possible for the big speech).

Again, the Democrats know that the open border and lack of deportations is not a winning issue for them. So, they may try to shore up the border a little bit, but above all, they have to lie and fool the American public about what is really taking place. They will likely go full force claiming that Republicans want an open border because they didn’t agree with the Senate’s open border amnesty bill. If you don’t believe it’s an open border amnesty bill, read my article prior to this one, and continue to read this one.

I ran into this article from Breitbart and, after starting and stopping the video multiple times due to how much it pissed me off, I was finally able to make it to the end.

Around minute 4:00, after Ann brought up that the Senate immigration bill releases 5,000 illegal aliens a day, Bill Maher says “let me give the facts”, and then proceeds with half truths and lies.  Maher quotes Lindsay Graham, apparently unaware that Lindsay Grahamnesty got that nickname during his last failed attempt at amnesty with the Gang of Eight.  Maher touts the fact that the Border Patrol Union endorsed this bad bill. 

Wow!  Our union endorsed this crap?  So, I called a former union buddy and asked him about it.  According to him, the National Border Patrol Council actually endorsed the House bill H.R. 2, but, since they were told that bill was dead, they then looked to see what was in the Senate bill.  My friend told me that this past January they were releasing 7,000 illegal aliens into the country a day, so, the idea of only letting in 5,000 a day seemed like an improvement.  I doubt he knew that the Democrats even included loopholes in that 5,000 figure so they could get around that limit. “There are exceptions, including for unaccompanied children and any unauthorized immigrant that Border Patrol agents believe should be excused for humanitarian or other reasons.” (“What’s in the new $118 billion Senate Immigration and Foreign Aid Bill” by Allison Pecorin, ABC News, February 5th, 2024- link wouldn’t work).

As of a couple years ago, the Border Patrol has something now called “Processing Coordinators” that were there to process illegal aliens, but they cannot serve the alien (getting them to sign the paperwork).  The Processing Coordinators were not BP Agents, so, an Agent still had to be inside the office doing that.  On the positive side, the Senate bill would allow the Processing Coordinators to serve the aliens which would allow more Agents to be out in the field.  The bill would also put more Asylum Officers at the border so that aliens can have hearings determining if they can be released pending trial, or, held in custody pending trial.  I have a problem with that.  (Again, see my previous article). Asylum Officers in general are far leftists, many of them former immigration attorneys, who give the aliens anything they want.  When Trump was in office, people like US Citizenship and Immigration Services director Ken Cuccinelli helped to have Border Patrol Agents trained up as Asylum Officers.  Traditionally, Asylum Officers released 90% of asylum applicants.  The first group of Border Patrol Agents cross trained as Asylum Officers was rumored to have reversed that and denied 90% of applicants.  If you ever talk to aliens right after they cross, the vast majority will claim they are coming for jobs.  A few will even admit to coming for welfare benefits (if you qualify for refugee status, you can collect).

According to my union friend, the Senate bill’s clauses would sunset in three years.  The Democrats wanted two years, but vicious open borders opponents that they are (heavy sarcasm) Republicans pushed for three years.  That just goes to show you that Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Grahamnesty, and James “Lackeyford” Lankford are open borders.  Lankford actually has an A+ rating from NumbersUSA, something he does not deserve in anyway.  He got that rating by simply not stating or voting where he stands on over half the categories that NumbersUSA rates politicians on

My friend said that the Border Patrol Union’s endorsement of the Senate bill was rushed, and that in his opinion, they should have stayed out of it.  He told me the Union really had wanted the House bill, but only looked at the Senate bill after being told the House bill was dead.  Maher, “You have to prove persecution now to get it (asylum)”.  This is a deception as it was always true in the past.  “For the first time, you could be rejected outright for having a criminal history”, you mean that wasn’t always the case?  And, how are you going to check with Zimbabwe to see if someone has a criminal history.  Do you think villages full of mud huts keep accurate criminal databases?  “It shortens the asylum claims” what good is that if all the alien is doing is going in front of one of these far leftist judges to be released and granted asylum more quickly?  Immigration judges were often immigration attorneys before becoming judges.  They do not have regular Americans’ interests at heart. 

Maher goes on to say that “nobody ever gets everything you want”.  Well, the Republicans should hold out for at least getting a few things.  Reportedly, even Mitch McConnell is running away from the bad bill.  The Democrats are making hay out of this the longer this fraud of a bill is being entertained.  It’s not a border security bill.  It’s terrible.  Our demoralized union is like a battered woman saying, “At least he won’t be beating us as much as he used too.”

However, even prior to this, I was getting sent propaganda.

A friend forwarded me an article that he had received from some “Newsbreak” service on his phone.  The Masters of the Universe are trying to manipulate public opinion as the election nears and frankly most Americans are not very discerning in how they get their news.  Lately, my Android has been bombarding me with “Newsbreak” stories.  This just started within the past year, and I wasn’t getting them before.  I try to decline them all, but sometimes, it acts like I hit the accept button and pulls up the article anyway.  They cannot make me read their propaganda, so, I still delete the article if it comes up.  Not to embarrass my friend, but he didn’t even know how he got onto the “Newsbreak” service. 

In any case, the article he forwarded to me was this, “Border Patrol agents ‘devastated and demoralized’ after politicians fail to deliver migrant crisis solution” by Anna Giaritelli in the Washington Examiner.  Keep in mind, most people don’t read past the headlines, and those that do often only read the first paragraph or two.

Let me enlighten you, the headline is a lie.  No Agents that I know of are in favor of the traitor bill put forward by Mitch McConnell and his lackey Senator Lankford.  This is a disastrous bill that would have allowed in 5,000 illegal aliens a day something Lankford had the gall to lie about. 

“The bill’s text confirms that the new emergency authority would not be triggered until an astonishing 8,500 migrants cross the border in a single day or an average of 5,000 people cross in seven days — a trigger even higher than previously feared by border security advocates. Lankford had previously assured Americans that their bill would not permit 5,000 migrants or more per day, attributing those claims as ‘internet rumors’ and ‘absolutely absurd.’”  If you want to know if the border bill is bad, just remember MAYORKAS ENDORSED IT!!!!

It would have given $60 billion to Ukraine, and $14 billion to Israel.  Not to mention, as if letting in 5,000 illegal aliens a day isn’t bad enough, it would have given loopholes for unaccompanied children (in reality, often 17 year old cholos) and could be excused for “humanitarian reasons”.  If there’s anything that the Democrats have shown, it is that any loophole will be exploited for its maximum open borders effectiveness. 

“There are exceptions, including for unaccompanied children and any unauthorized immigrant that Border Patrol agents believe should be excused for humanitarian or other reasons. (House Republican leaders said Monday that these proposed powers were “riddled with loopholes.” from “What’s in the new $118 billion Senate Immigration and Foreign Aid Bill” by Allison Pecorin, ABC News, February 5th, 2024- link wouldn’t work.

Going back to the propaganda article from the Washington Examiner, I have my doubts that the author even spoke to more than one or two Agents.  Your average Border Patrol Agent is not allowed to talk to the media.  Exceptions are made for public relations officers, and the Border Patrol union.  So, author Anna Giaritelli is able to use anonymous sources with no names attributed to them.  I suspect she may have gained access to a Border Patrol online forum and cherry picked the Agents she quoted because the Agents are from all over the border from Texas to California.  That makes me doubt that she was flying back and forth from state to state just for this article.  The real scandal is that by covering the Lankford bill from Senate, no one is talking about a positive bill submitted by the House.  This bill would actually control the border which is why it is being ignored by the media.  Hey idiot Border Patrol Agents, the House bill would give you retention bonuses!!!  I know how greedy a lot of my fellow Agents are/were.  That should mean something to them.  “(Sec. 107) This section authorizes retention bonuses for eligible frontline U.S. Border Patrol law enforcement agents.”

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