Is A New World Order Army Being Built at the Border [Opinion]?

Subversion is introduced by the outside. This is what the story of the Trojan Horse has come to represent in modern times. We know how Greek soldiers exited the body of the Trojan Horse, and subsequently took the city of Troy. For all intents and purposes, the city was impregnable, and Epeius wisely discerned that the only way to open the city gates was to invade from within.

Could our present situation in the United States with wide-open borders be life imitating fiction?

A quick perusal of any “MAGA” channel on Telegram will show that patriots are distracted by trying to distinguish between the white hats, and black hats, contemplating the tantalizing aspects of Devolution, the Durham investigation, and Hunter Biden’s laptop. All are waiting for the hammer of justice to fall on corrupt individuals. We are not at war in Ukraine yet American fighting-aged men and women are being sent to Poland, which borders Ukraine, presumably in a military “advisory” capacity. Meanwhile, Anthony Fauci is conveniently hitting the talk shows and is attempting to ramp up the lockdown scenarios because of yet another new variant.

Add in the Biden administration’s discussions of repealing Title 42, soaring gas prices, a shrinking economy ripe for recession, and ever-growing food insecurity, the natives are getting restless.

Could the cumulative effects of the above issues cause a scenario where the general population rises up in revolt against this incredible convergence of events? It is certainly possible. But while these distractions are underway, the government could be quietly creating a scenario where the citizens of the US will be under military law, and any attempt to throw off the chains of tyranny would be a moot point.

If the following scenario proves true, most will not know what hit them. 

First, how many citizens truly understand the Insurrection Act? If the President declares a popular uprising by We The People as an act of insurrection then by the Insurrection Act, he could mobilize the military for use within the US and against US Citizens.  The problem the administration faces is the looming specter of World War III, which would require massive military deployments by all MACOMs, first to shore up NATO, and second to hold off the threat of China in the Pacific. Where would they find a ready-made fighting force capable of putting down a supposed “insurrection” by US Citizens? 

Immigrant Troops Become Citizens at Liberty Island.

This is the exact reason for the Military Selective Service Act (MSSA).  It was created to identify fighting-aged males capable of defending the country in the event of war, with the assumption that the volunteer program for military service could not meet the required manning levels needed for a global conflict. With authorization from the president and congress, men could see their proverbial draft number be called and conscripted into the armed forces.  In order to have a large enough pool of manpower, all men living in the US ages 18 to 26, even if they are undocumented, are required to register for the draft per the MSSA 2003. The caveat is when they register, they “shall present for inspection reasonable evidence of his identity.” When the bill was written, the ability for an illegal immigrant to get identifying documents was difficult, but that is no longer the case in most states. To top it off, after illegal immigrants have served honorably for one year, they can become US citizens and bring their families here thanks to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.  

Even Washington Post has recently written on this scenario, even advocating for it to occur. And who tells WaPo what to report again? Right!

This is where the illegal immigrant issue comes into the picture. First started under the Barack Obama Administration, the relocation of illegal immigrants, we were told, was due to violence in South America, and to assist refugees fleeing this violence. Then “families” were reunited and distributed around the country in droves. These movements continued during Trump’s presidency and only slowed due to lengthy court battles which finally allowed President Trump to enact the building of a border wall, and implementation of the “Remain in Mexico” Policy. Both of those measures have now been ended by the Biden Administration, and today we have seen actual video evidence of busloads of military-aged men being dropped off in Maitland FL,  and other areas around the country. Maitland FL. conveniently has a military base located there, and we see this pattern replicating in other states with important military bases, such as North Carolina.

Fighting-aged males are being distributed around the country.   Some immigrants have even been housed at military bases.

So what is President Biden going to do in a scenario where there is a national uprising of US citizens? He will declare an “insurrection” and due to the lack of soldiers here in the US to handle said “insurrection,” he will go to Congress and request they re-instate the draft.  Most certainly only a very small percentage of US citizens would answer the call to take up arms against their fellow citizens.  So who would answer the call?

Think back to the young men being sent to military-rich states, who are undocumented immigrants.  What would all of these military-aged, illegal immigrant men do if provided with the opportunity for a pathway to citizenship via emergency military service? Would the promise of being able to stay permanently along with bringing their extended families with them be enough of an enticement to take up arms against US Citizens? Will they dutifully answer the call of the draft once it is reinstated?   What would the mindset of these new soldiers be?   Where would their loyalties be?  Do you think that they will hesitate to follow unlawful orders to shoot at US Citizens? 

Ordinary citizens are beginning to ask questions.

What if, by design, the majority of the illegal immigrants being distributed around the country are predominantly cartel affiliated, MS13, or jihadists?

Lara Logan discusses what she calls the ‘cartel army’ on Warroom Pandemic.

The people of Troy never conceived that their mighty city could be brought down by an outside force.

Illegal Immigrants Crossing the Arizona Border

The fall of Troy came from within. As Mike Pompeo stated, “This fight is inside the gates today.” Citizens at the local community level must start considering this very real possibility: could the national government potentially turn on its citizens and use fighting-aged men from other countries as their New World Army?

Nicole Eidson
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Nicole Eidson is a CS Engineer who has worked the last 20 years to become a key leader in the STEM industry. Her credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Computers from the University of San Antonio. She served in the U.S. Air Force for 4 years as a Security Specialist. Nicole currently resides in Maricopa County, AZ.

I am a mother running for Chandler School Board.  I am also a wife, a Christian, and a veteran.  I am NOT a politician.  At an early age, I learned that I had to be strong and stand up for what I believed in.  This required me to work hard and not let anyone push me around.  This strength helped me rise to be a leader in the STEM field.  As an engineer, I work with many amazing people in different countries around the world.  It is critical to only judge people by the content of their character and that is a lesson all children must learn.  I am a great problem solver and collaborator.  I know the importance of proper education and as a mom, I am concerned about the direction the schools are leading our children.  I feel it is my duty as a citizen to step up and lead the way for change.   I will challenge the status quo and drive fundamental changes in our district.  It will take a strong person to not succumb to district pressures, and I have that strength.

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Master Sergeant F. Jack Dona is a retired U.S. Army Intelligence Electronic Warfare Aviation Field Systems Engineer and former Staff Sergeant Major of the Training Development and Support Directorate, U.S. Army Intelligence Center, Fort Huachuca, AZ.  He was the Chief Master Instructor, for and led the Responsible Training Authority (RTA) Division, Spectrum Computer Dept, National Security Agency (NSA). He is a recipient of numerous decorations including the Knowlton Award - Military Intelligence Corp Association (MICA).  He currently resides in Sierra Vista, AZ.  Email:

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