[Opinion] Arizona’s Intergovernmental Agreements: County Ineptitude or Planned Government Tyranny?

One of the most diabolical purveyors of false information in the 20th Century is attributed to have said:

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State. – Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda, Nazi Germany.  

– Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda, Nazi Germany.  

Actually, that quote is based on the twisted and evil philosophy detailed in the book, “Mein Kampf”.  It is pertinent today, and to this opinion piece, as we ask the question: Are we being told a “big lie” in regards to these IGA documents and Governor Ducey’s COVID Surveillance Executive Order?

In our previous opinion and information articles, we wrote that the board of supervisors, for a sampling of the counties in the State of Arizona, had “sold” their citizens’ rights away for rivers of money from the federal government. We opined as to what other reason could explain them signing away our God-given freedoms. Determined to see how pervasive the apparent effort was we took a closer look, throughout the state, to see what other, if any, counties might have received Federal funds related to the China virus and to speculate as to why.

Of the 15 counties in Arizona, 8 received Federal funds and 7 may or may not have.  The investigation was conducted via public records search that every resident has lawful access to on state and local county government websites. Funding documents could not be found in 7 of the 15 counties.  Possibly because there were no documents or, as was the case we mentioned in Part I of this series of missives, the documents were “buried.” Also, in Apache County, the “public” records were “locked out” from the public and could not be accessed.

Arizona County Maps; Named (left) and 2020 vote (right).

Looking at the data from all 15 counties a few observations can be made:

There appear to be different financial funding documents in different counties. Several of the counties received Federal funds in the form of “contracts” while other counties received funds as grants.  Contracts come with “deliverables” whereas “grants” – not so much.  Contracts typically have specific requirements to ensure the desired outcome whereas grants, with loose terms, are less defined.  Odd since ostensibly the funds are “indented” for the same purpose. 

Not all counties were treated similarly with respect to funds and proposed disbursements.  As mentioned above, some counties received grants and others required contracts. Why would this be the case if the Federal Government was interested in equity and a desire to “protect” a given population?  Should not the method of “cure” (vis a vis funding to facilitate a medical matter) be similar for the same malady?

There are apparent disparities between “left leaning or right leaning” counties.  Reviewing the forms of funding, it was remarkable to note the propensity to receive funds as grants if the preponderance of registered voters were Democrats.  Is this a possible coincidence? 

Several “underprivileged” counties appear to have been ignored.  If the stated intent is to address maladies, particularly for “select groups”, would not all the underprivileged counties be included?  Why would counties with Indian Reservations be excluded? Could it be that medical cure was not the intended purpose?  Certainly, Native Americas are not immune to the virus so why should they not also receive funding?

Timing of agreements. It is curious about the timing of the contracts/grants. All the relative documents were executed within a 6-month window between March and September of 2021. This fact leads one to suspect that the effort was “coordinated” as opposed to a developing dialogue as a function of medical need. If it were a medical need, why would documents all have been initiated state-wide during such a short window (and leaving out certain counties/groups) and why would there be different types of funding documents?  

Purpose. What is the purpose of the funds? As stated earlier (regarding the IGA’s), there is no mention of funds being dispersed tied to cure-rate, only that of class, location, or race.  This speaks strongly against any medical requirement.  Could it be that the unspoken, yet understood, reason (that could not be codified subject to legal rejection) is for other than a cure of a medical malady?

So much of this effort appears questionable and does not pass the “reasonable man test.” Why would Native American Indian reservations seemingly be ignored, or Left-leaning counties be given grants vs. contracts, or counties with heavy concentrations of conservatives or military communities be funded via contracts if the end-state was to cure a malady?

Our US Constitution requires “equal protection under the law” and does not segregate based upon race, color, creed, or location.  Circumventing State Legislative oversight by possible manipulation of County Supervisors for a political gain, especially at the cost of Constitutionally protected rights, is as Goebbels said “a big lie.”  To continue Goebbels thought…truth is the enemy of lies, and the truth is coming out, exposing the lie, first in Arizona and quite possibly in other states.  We cannot allow tyranny to Steal Arizona!

People must speak the truth at all levels of government.  All freedom-loving people must speak out against falsehoods and not remain silent. We will remain free as long as we have political leaders who remember their oath “ ..to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic”.

So now we come to an inevitable conclusion regarding these IGA Documents. The reasons for these documents, in our opinion, can only lead to three possible conclusions:

We are being lied to and the government, at numerous levels, plans to implement the draconian measures suggested in these documents. Should such develop, we may well become Australia and New Zealand.  Governments uncontrolled by the people become controlling rather than that which our Constitution prescribes—“of the people, by the people, and for the people”.

The government is completely inept, incompetent, and had no idea what they were doing when they executed these funding documents.

They knew exactly what they were doing. They wanted free and easy money from the Federal Government with the thought that these measures would never be implemented. The election catastrophe of November 2020 happened, and the elected leaders in this, and possibly other states, were then faced with a trap they never saw coming. A hostile Federal government is now in place, ready and willing to implement all of these measures. So, they decide to keep quiet and hope nobody notices what they allowed to take place.

We are of the opinion that the third point is closest to the truth. Did the State Legislature of Arizona know about these measures? Have they done anything to demand the end of the state of emergency in the state of Arizona?

On a bright note, as of this writing, State Congresswoman and former State Senator Judy Burges has been working hard to end these agreements. Just this past Thursday, 27 January 2022, she stood on the floor in the State Capitol and demanded the Governor end the State of Emergency.

Former State Senator Judy Burges addressing Governor Doug Ducey about state mandates.

Also, to their credit Senator Sonny Borrelli and County Supervisor Tom Crosby have been working very diligently to end these measures. In particular, Supervisor Crosby, the “Paul Revere of Cochise County”, has been sounding the alarm on this issue for more than six months. Despite being emailed and called repeatedly, no other elected leader at the city, county, or state level has spoken out against the measures contained in these IGA documents.

Now, to the question of the “big lie”.  The authors of this missive received an email from a person on Telegram purported to be a “Mr. Steve Daniels”. The email is included.

The email possibly illustrates that most of the Arizona State Legislature had some knowledge of the ongoing effort and potential impact of these IGAs. However, it appears there was no effort to end the State of Emergency, and subsequently derail the potentially nefarious actions. The email clearly indicates significant funding would be lost. We reached out to Senator Karen Fann for comment and to verify or deny the veracity of the email. We received a read receipt for the email in question from Senator Fann, but no reply.

It is of note that the email shows that Mark Finchem affirmed his opinion to end the emergency powers. This email has subsequently been verified as authentic by a State Senator who wishes to remain anonymous.

So, we ask the question we posited in the beginning. Are we all being told a “big lie”? Are we all currently living through a chapter of Mein Kampf? What is the real reason for the rivers of money flowing into the state? What is the real purpose of the Governor’s Executive Order? Why the continued State of Emergency for a virus with a greater than 99.73% survival rate? Why do not all people of Arizona receive “equal protection”? Why are some groups favored, apparently, over other groups?

If the county and state legislatures made a huge mistake, they need to come forward to the citizens of Arizona, apologize, work to reverse this, and say unequivocally:

There will be no implementation of the measures listed, or implied, in the IGA funding documents or the Governor’s EO. We are returning all funds to the Federal Government. The legislature will be passing a bill that will prevent future local county boards of supervisors from ever entering into any such agreements with the federal government and bypassing the state legislature.

Instead, and despite numerous outreach efforts to our elected leaders, with the noted exceptions above, they remain silent. Their silence is chilling.

Now more than ever the words of retired General Michael Flynn must be the mantra of all freedom-loving citizens of this and other states in the union: “Local action equals National Impact.” Our government is only “representative” of the people if we insist that they are! In Benjamin Franklin’s own words: It’s a republic, if you can keep it!

The authors would like to thank the following administrators and research teams for the following channels. They all contributed to the discovery and analysis for this and the two previous articles in the series: The Temple Channel, The Amicus Channel, The OSINT_1 Channel, The Cochise County Informer Channel, and the LTC Steve Murray Channel. It was rocky putting this all together, we had some differences, but we did it! A complete team effort and a job well done!

A very special thanks to the editor in chief for the Washington Pundit, Dr. Nina Eacey for her truth, honesty, and integrity, and for publishing this information which is vital to keeping the United States citizens informed.

Colonel Don W. Jenkins (Ret.)
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Colonel Don W. Jenkins is a retired Special Electronic Mission Aircraft (SEMA) Pilot, Intelligence Officer, and the former commander of the Army Group JSTARS (Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar) Wing at Warner Robbins, AFB.GA, former G2 (Intelligence Officer), Aviation and Missile Command, Redstone Arsenal, AL, and commander of multiple battalions.  He has served as commander and senior staff officer within the US and foreign countries.  COL Jenkins is a recipient of numerous decorations including the Legion of Merit.  He was a long-time resident of Cochise County and now resides in Ardmore, TN. Email: djenkinshw@gmail.com

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Master Sergeant F. Jack Dona is a retired U.S. Army Intelligence Electronic Warfare Aviation Field Systems Engineer and former Staff Sergeant Major of the Training Development and Support Directorate, U.S. Army Intelligence Center, Fort Huachuca, AZ.  He was the Chief Master Instructor, for and led the Responsible Training Authority (RTA) Division, Spectrum Computer Dept, National Security Agency (NSA). He is a recipient of numerous decorations including the Knowlton Award - Military Intelligence Corp Association (MICA).  He currently resides in Sierra Vista, AZ.  Email: OneActual@aol.com

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