Bisexual Obama’s “Permission Structures”


But first, a story that might seem to have nothing to do with the title. Back a short eon ago, I was fresh out of college and getting trained up on a new job. One of the women in our class was telling a mildly amusing story. She related that she was about to put her two year old son to bed. She had had a People Magazine sitting on the coffee table and the two year old was holding it. She went to pull the magazine from out of his hand and discovered that he was holding on to it tightly. She looked at the magazine and it was open to a photograph of Madonna in a bikini. She looked down at her son’s diaper and discovered he had a hard on. She yanked the magazine out of his hand, went and put him to bed. Then, she went into her bedroom where her husband was already in bed dozing and punched him. When he asked what in the world that was for, she said “You don’t have to worry, your son is heterosexual.” She went on to say that there have been documented cases of boners in the womb. I don’t know where she found out about that (a doctor?) since this was before the internet. I tried finding if that’s actually been documented and was unable to do so, but I’ll take her word for it.

For me, I was about age eight. I had been leafing through a super hero magazine like Captain America or something. At the back of the magazine, on the inside cover there was an advertisement for posters of Hollywood stars. I was looking through thumbnail size images of stars like John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart and Clint Eastwood (I hadn’t seen an Eastwood movie yet, but his scowl stood out) when I got to the poster of Raquel Welch. At the age of eight, I discovered I was heterosexual. I didn’t know the term for it, but I knew what I liked.

It may have been the image above, I can no longer recall, but it definitely made an impression in my brain. I immediately showed the ad to my elder brother who first asked me which picture and when I pointed it out he remarked “I could stare at her all day.”

In one of the trainings I was given for working intel, I was told that whatever a person thinks about on a day to day basis will eventually come out of their mouth. Serial killers, rapists, pedophiles etc… may know to keep their mouths shut during regular company, but when they feel relaxed and non-threatened or in like company, they will often open up.

I remember channel surfing one night and wound up briefly on that show “To Catch a Predator”. They had some Middle Eastern looking guy trying to protest his innocence after driving to a house hoping to hook up with an underage girl. He was saying something along the lines of, “I watch this show all the time. Ask my colleagues at work, I talk about this show all the time! I tell them how horrible these guys are. Don’t you think if I were truly guilty I wouldn’t be watching your show all the time?” Actually, just the opposite was true. His protestations of innocence actually made him look more guilty than ever.

So, liberal author David Garrow found one of Barak Obama’s ex-girlfriends named Alex McNear and she originally gave Garrow access to her letters she received from Obama, except for one. She told him it had to do with homosexuality. At the time, Obama was still president, so, one could understand how sensitive that would be. The forbidden letter contained the quote, “I make love to men daily, but in the imagination,” Barack Obama 1982 letter. WAIT!!!! WHAT????!!!!

Garrow did eventually get access to the letter when McNear donated all her letters to a university. (Portion of video of interview of Garrow by Megyn Kelly). Lest ye think that Garrow is a right wing muckraker, he’s also a biographer of Martin Luther King and he got access to all of McNear’s letters thanks to a Marxist historian professor friend of his. They don’t make them more far to the left than David Garrow.If you don’t believe me, watch the entire interview of Garrow on Megyn Kelly’s show. (Garrow also accidentally exposed that a drunk MLK was in the room when one of MLK’s minister friends raped a parishioner. Garrow excuses MLK for not having stopped it by saying that MLK was drunk. Unless King was passed out on the floor, I would like to think that a man of God like MLK portended to be would have tried to stop it).

From my own personal perspective, looking at the inner musings of my skull, back when I was a young lad, when I closed my eyes at night, a parade of undressed or scantily dressed women made their way through my dreams. It was a mixture of the more attractive girls at school, magazine pictures, and movie stars. I think that most men have similar fantasies; become a rock star with millions of babes chasing after you. Become a hero sports athlete who scores the winning touchdown and then all the cheer leaders want to score with you. Women have similar fantasies in the sense of being the queen of the harem. Heidi Fleiss, the Hollywood Madame, wrote that when she was trying to have an orgasm, she would close her eyes and fantasize about doing it with her High School football team. I guess men and women aren’t that different. Although, men are visually turned on, women are turned on by audio. Men, it’s what we see. Women, it’s what you hear.

When I was fantasizing, with so many different women, invariably some guy (asshole) would sometimes have his mug appear. I immediately was trying to push him out of my thoughts, “How the hell did you get in here and get out NOW!!!” So, knowing what I know about interviewing people, when someone says that they “…make love to men daily” I don’t care whether that’s only in the imagination or not, that’s what you are desiring!

Holy Crap Batman, does this mean Barak Obama was our first homosexual president? This is monumental! Plus, this information came out a while ago. Garrow’s book came out in 2017. Obama has had interviews since then, why hasn’t the pro-gay mainstream media been lauding this all over?


Imagined interview with Anderson Cooper:

Anderson: So, Mr. President, when you were fantasizing about men daily, what exactly were you fantasizing about? Were you fantasizing about how cute their butts were, or, were you fantasizing about being dominated by a man who comes at you from behind?

Obama: I’m sorry Anderson. That question is totally undignified of a former president. I hope you have some more serious questions to ask.

Anderson: Oh you bet I do! Are you into threesomes? How about you, me and Ben this weekend? We could have so much fun! If that’s no good, we could do you, me and Michelle! There’s something hot about a woman watching. C’mon, make your youthful dreams come true! Or should I say C-U-M true? Yuch, yuch, yuch. Seriously, do you prefer men over women or is it more 50/50?

End of story.


However, the reason I am writing this is not to focus on whether Obama merely fantasizes about kissing men, whether it’s more of a domineering thing like in a male prison or whether he might fantasize about being dominated. It has to do with how the Democrats get the Republicans to be their bitches. In the The Federalist article, “Obama’s Fraudulent Legacy Is Being Exposed And It’s On The Wrong Side Of History”, author Mark Hemingway talks about Democrats using something called “Permission Structures”.

From the article “Permission Structures” in, I got the below graphics:

If you think about it, even if you are right and know you are right, when you are arguing with someone, calling them an idiot is a sure way to harden their position. As the picture illustrates above, you want to talk them up positively and reassure them about their logic.

As the diagram above shows, it’s about giving the person (victim) an excuse as to why they changed their position on an issue. In this case, how to get them to take an experimental vaccine for a disease that had a 1% mortality rate.

For law enforcement, it’s a little like The Reid technique. In the Reid technique, you downplay the person’s crime and give them an excuse as to why they did what they did. (2. Theme development. The investigator then presents a moral justification (theme) for the offense, such as placing the moral blame on someone else or outside circumstances. The investigator presents the theme in a monologue and in sympathetic manner). In the example I was shown, a bank employee had swiped about $100 from another teller’s count when it was laying on her desk. The interviewer minimized what the criminal had done by saying that the victim teller should not have left the money on the table. Anyone coming by might be tempted to take it. Basically, it was downplaying the seriousness of the offense and telling the suspect he was partially justified in doing what he did. However, it was enough to get a confession. If you look up top in the graph, it’s all about giving a person an excuse.

However, there’s also something else going on here; it’s repetition. “A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth” (attributed to Josef Goebbels, but he may not have actually said it, however, he certainly did it).

It reminds me a bit of the left’s quest for amnesty. First off, they know that calling it an amnesty is deeply unpopular, so, they rebrand it as “comprehensive immigration reform”. To further separate it from amnesty, they offer a token penalty like paying a small fine. The proper punishment for being in a country illegally is deportation. Imagine if the fine rule was applied to Grand Theft Auto. “Sure, you stole the car, but if you pay us $1,000, then we’ll let you keep it.”

Next, they bring it up again and again. Oh, look at the poor little dears who were brought to America through no fault of their own. Shouldn’t they be allowed to stay? Hence, the DACA program.

Once you have DACA, we wouldn’t want to separate the poor little dears (many of them adults) from the parents who brought them here. Hence, Obama tried getting DAPA too.

Of course, the big one was the 1986 amnesty that was supposed to have increased enforcement accompanying it, but never did.

The other day, I was watching an episode of The Five on Fox News. Liberal commentator Harold Ford Jr was giving his version of an immigration plan. He was actually talking about building a wall and increasing enforcement. That whole time he was talking I was wondering when he was going to get around to it, and at the end of his spiel, he said (paraphrasing) and we need comprehensive immigration reform to deal with the millions who are already here.

So basically, promise the conservatives whatever they want to hear, but get that amnesty. It doesn’t matter that you have no intention of actually following through on tougher enforcement, just empty promises.

My counter offer is a 10 year period where we have an immigration moratorium, end birth right citizenship, enforce the public charge rules in place (if an immigrant is going to be a public charge i.e., accepting welfare or even charity, then they should be deported), decrease wait times for immigration court dates by firing liberal open borders activist judges and hiring fair minded judges who weren’t immigration lawyers before becoming judges, punish countries that won’t take back their refuse, and enforce third country rules for all the fake asylum seekers so they can stay in Mexico for the rest of eternity, or, simply go home. (You’d be amazed about how many people claiming to be fleeing persecution and imminent death from their home countries, then immediately fly back home the moment they get their green card). Only after 10 years of an immigration moratorium do we even think about allowing more immigrants back in. Lest you think that’s harsh, immigration enforcement has been downgraded ever since the end of the Bracero Program in the 1960s. This barely reverses the process.


Imagine Obama trying to get a date in High School.

Obama: Hey Mary, you’re really hot. Wanna go to the prom with me?

Mary: With you? Yuck, you’re too skinny and your ears stick out too far from your head.

Obama: Don’t you realize you are going to be on the wrong side of history?

Mary: What’s history got to do with it? I passed that course with an A+

Obama: I am for love not hate. Why are you so full of hate? Give in to love and join me on the right side of history.

Mary: I don’t hate you, I just don’t want to go out with you.

Obama: There you go again. You are failing to act!

Mary: What do you mean “failing to act”? I told you No. That is not failing to act.

Obama: Yes it is. There is only one way, the side of love, of action, of being on the right side of history.

Mary: You’re weird. Get lost. Why don’t you go run for president or something? Oh, and by the way, quit fantasizing about my brother.

Obama: If you don’t like me, you’re racist!


When the RINOs and liberal Democrats failed to get an amnesty passed through Congress during the Obama Administration, Obama said that Congress had “failed to act” and then he started making sweeping rule changes that gutted immigration enforcement, plus all the Dreamer or DACA stuff. Actually, slight change to what I said, Obama started gutting immigration enforcement as soon as he got into the White House. When asked about it, he said he had to do it because Congress “failed to act”. Apparently, saying no to Obama was failing to act. He was pigeon holing his critics. The only way he would have agree that they had “acted” is if they had agreed with them. Because they didn’t, he tried all sorts of manipulation.


Imagined interview between Obama and Don Lemon

Lemon: Mr. President, what do you think about the situation in Ukraine?

Obama: I think we can all agree that Putin is a criminal in charge of a country. He has attacked an independent nation and cost thousands of dead, millions of dollars in damage, threatened the food supply for many nations by cutting off Ukraine. He has put us on the brink of a Third World war.

Lemon: That’s nice. Now seriously, who do you think is hotter, Anderson Cooper or me?

Obama: What in the world are you talking about? I thought this was going to be a serious interview on world matters!

Lemon: Yes, by my network’s ratings are down and, according to a poll I just took now in my head, our viewers seriously want to know who you think is hotter, me or Anderson Cooper?

Obama: I don’t find either of you attractive. Is this because I wrote in my youth that I imagined making love to men on a daily basis? That was just youthful exuberance.

Lemon: I know you don’t want to admit it on camera, but I will take your refusal to answer the question as an obvious admission that I’m way hotter than that grey haired little freak over at CNN.

Obama: Please give me a break, otherwise, I’m leaving.

Lemon: Before you go, this is a picture of me and my boyfriend just before we bugger our dogs at the beach.

Once seen you cannot unsee it. So, what do you think? Wanna hang out sometime?

Obama: That’s it! I’m out of here and I’m never coming back!

Lemon: Sure, I’ll be seeing you tonight when you close your eyes. I’ll be living rent free in your dreams.


The Democrat’s technique to get amnesty is fairly brazen. If you don’t give in to their demands for an open border, they will do it anyway, then blame you for not having gone along with them in the first place. There is only one solution: Amnesty! Now, rebranded as the tedious “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”.

Dems: Do you want increased border security? Sorry, it will take years to hire more Border Patrol Agents, more liberal judges, and to build more fencing. We’ll be happy to do that for you (hehehehe), but right now we can do “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”. Sure (hahaha), we’ll get to that increased enforcement measure somewhere down the way..way down the way. By the way, you better go along with us to be on the right side of history. If you don’t, you’re a racist, xenophobe, Nazi. Only good people agree with us because we are for love.

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